Registering for Baby Stuff!

So Ryan and I embarked on a journey yesterday at 9:30 a.m...a journey to register for baby stuff! When we registered for our wedding, it was so easy. You know what you need, you understand the purposes of those items (i.e., the uses of a blender), and you can rely on your personal taste in choosing items for your registery.

With a baby, it is completely different! You cannot begin to imagine all of the things they need (or that makes things more convenient), you really aren't sure the purposes of these baby items (i.e., nipple flow and its relation to a baby's age), and you realize that personal taste doesn't always mean the best quality. So, everything that we had going for us when we registered for wedding stuff was out the window! :) I had heard how stressful it could be registering for baby stuff. In fact, I had a couple people talk about the panic attacks that they had while registering. Not really wanting to spend the day arguing with Ryan or feeling anxious about how little I really know about raising a baby at this point, Ryan and I decided to call in some back up. His sister has had three children (ages 2, 4, and 7), and we both LOVE her, so we asked her to come help! Ryan and I got started at Babies R Us soon after the store opened at 9:30 a.m. We picked out our "travel system" (infant car seat and stroller), pack-n-play, swing, and high chair. Kelli arrived soon after to help us with everything else. I mean, what do I know about choosing a mattress for my unborn baby? I choose a mattress based on comfort. For a baby...you have 7 choices, and you have no idea exactly what is important about a mattress (except you know that waterproof is probably a necessity!). There were items in the store that I knew nothing about. A sleep sack, for instance...I didn't really know the purpose of this item. Apparently you can put one on your baby to help it stay warm at night rather than/in addition to using a blanket. I just haven't been around many people with infants, so this is all new territory for me.

To sum up the day, Ryan, Kelli, and I registered at Babies R Us for a few hours. Then we had lunch at a Japanese steakhouse and went back to Babies R Us afterward. We finished there a couple hours later. Kelli drove back home, and we decided to do the same. After hanging out around the house, Ryan and I went back to Target around 7 p.m. to register there. Needless to say, we both crashed last night! Overall, it was a good day. We got a lot accomplished and had a pretty good time. :) Last night Ryan told me how excited he was getting for the baby. It was really sweet. I am really going to cherish the next 16 1/2 weeks until this little one arrives. It's a really special time for Ryan and I to have together, and I'm going to enjoy every minute. :)

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