Practicing Being a Daddy

I know our dogs are just...well...dogs, but they have been great practice for having kids in some ways. Those of you who have dogs know exactly what I'm talking about. Other than the obvious feeding and letting them outside to "do their business", we have to plan out how long we can be gone, get dog sitters when necessary, and make sure we spend actual quality time with them (or else they get cranky...especially Kya). Ever since they ate the carpet, we had to limit their privileges at home. They are back in their cages, not allowed on the sectional in our living room, and have to sleep in their own beds rather than ours at night. Here's a picture of Ryan cuddled up with them since we don't let them on the furniture anymore:

Our school was having a book fair the other week. Of course they strategically plan the book fair to happen during Grandparent's Week so that all the visiting grandparents will buy their grandkids anything they want! Anyway, I decided to see if there were any books that I needed to buy for the baby. I found this book called "Me and My Dad" and just couldn't resist. Here is a picture of Ryan practicing being a daddy with the dogs:

The story really is sweet, and I can't wait to watch him reading Me and My Dad to our baby someday. He's going to be such a great dad!


ktill3 said...

he's doing a great job at keeping their attention :)

dntill said...

Great photo of Ryan reading to the dogs. I hope your children are as attentive! I am sending a copy of this one (and a few others) to Joe and Phyllis for Joe's birthday!!

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