Nursery Furniture!!!

The nursery furniture arrived today...HOORAY! Ryan worked on it all evening, and it turned out great. The nursery looks just like I had imagined it in my head! I am really impressed by the quality of this set from JCPenney. Ryan and I both agreed that we like it better than any other furniture we saw at Babies R Us, USA Baby, and any online store. Next I just need to buy a curtain rod and curtains, and then we can hang the window treatments. I will probably buy a rug to go in front of the dresser, too, because the carpet changed colors in front of the window due to the sun. It really is so cute! I hope you all like it. Can you believe that it won't be long before the baby is here?? We can't wait!

I LOVE this sleigh crib! Is that mobile so cute or what??

I am imagining many night feedings in that rocker (the one that Kelli used with her kids)!

I LOVE this dresser!! The left side will work as a changing table (once we add the changing pad), and there is so much drawer space!


ktill3 said...

i really like that crib :)

rebekahallebach said...

So adorable! You guys did a great job picking everything out!

iniquity27 said...


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