25 Weeks!

We hit the 25 week mark today...how exciting! Here is the information about the baby's development at 25 weeks:


It feels like we hit a major milestone today, but I'm not really sure why. I think just because we'll hit 30 weeks...then 35 weeks...and then we'll be 40 weeks! It's all just so wild, and what a better way to celebrate than to open a HUGE package that arrived today from Mama & Papa (what the baby will call Ryan's parents). They had mentioned over the weekend to look for something, but getting this gift was far more than we ever imagined! Check it out:

Baby Abell's "Travel System"

You should have seen Ryan and I assembling the few pieces that we had to put together. I think it's beginning to hit us how much assembling we will be doing over the next several years! The funniest part was us trying to figure out how the car seat snapped into the stroller...HILARIOUS! We look like a bunch of amateurs - oh wait, we totally are. :) Anyway, a BIG THANKS goes out to Ryan's parents because it was just such a thoughtful gift, and it just makes everything that much more real.

The picture below is what the nursery looks like now. Ryan and I hung the valance and put up a cloth shade (another very interesting assembly!) over the weekend. At first we liked it, but then we thought the shade looked too dark. Now that more time has passed, we feel like it matches the furniture well and looks really nice. When the light shines in, the shade takes on a "cherry" look, so then it really goes well with the furniture. We may try a different shade there, but we'll see! It's growing on us. A darker shade is probably practical for day time naps, so maybe it's for the best. Time will tell! It's really starting to look like a room. We just have some decorations to hang on the wall, but I'm not really in any rush to get that done. Sometimes I just walk in there and look around, and other times I will sit on the glider with a bowl of cereal (my favorite these days!) and just think...think about the past, present, and what's to come. I don't feel in a hurry at all for time to go by, but I really am getting more and more excited every day to meet this baby!

I also want to share the pictures of me at 25 weeks! Usually I try to stay in my work clothes until Ryan and I get the picture taken, but I was just dying to put on my pajamas when I got home, so that's how you'll find me. If you are brave and look closely at the one of my bare belly, you can see my little belly button sticking out. It feels like a miniature marshmellow!

My week is going much better...no emotional turmoil and no major stress at work. I appreciated your emails, blog comments, and phone calls after I posted that blog. It is so encouraging to hear from people who love us, and I just appreciate all of you so much!

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michi.yamano said...

I love it! You look great. The room is so precious too! It should be in a baby magazine.

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