Some Crazy Stuff!

So I finally finished some deadlines at work and wanted to share a few things through this blog. First of all, I had a HYSTERICAL dream last night!!! I dreamt that I gave birth, unexpectedly, to twins...a boy and a girl. I was so excited, but I was so exhausted from the birth that I was in and out of consciousness. After I finally came to, I asked Ryan how the babies were and asked to see them. The nurses brought them into the room, each in its own incubator, and on the name plates were "DORAL" and "LORAL". I ABOUT DIED! I asked Ryan how the heck they got the names Doral and Loral, and he said that he had to name them while I was sleeping. I was so mad! Then, when I saw the babies, I nearly died again. They were just the most horrendous looking infants I have ever seen! I was so embarrassed about how ugly the babies were and was so worried about emailing out pictures to our friends and family and posting pictures on the blog. So, not only were my twins' names VERY ODD, they were just crazy looking (think Garbage Pail Kids). Anyway, that was crazy thing number one!

Second, I was reminded to write about this today after having lunch. I have never, ever, ever liked tuna in my life. I hate the smell and have never even considered tasting it as an adult. A few months ago, I got a school lunch...it was called a "Go Fish Salad". Basically, it's just a regular salad with a pack of goldfish crackers and a side of tuna salad. I really liked the tuna salad!! Can you believe that? For those of you who know me well, you know that I have an extreme dislike for fish. I had the Go Fish Salad again today, and it was fabulous! I have to admit that I like tuna now. We'll see if I still like it after this pregnancy is over!

The third crazy thing that happened as actually happened twice now. You know how you hear about women sneezing and then peeing their pants a little bit...well...I am one of those women now! AHH! If my bladder is the least bit full, and I sneeze...it happens! So, I'm just trying to go to the bathroom a little more often just to make sure that I don't pee my pants at work! Guess I better start doing my Kegel exercises!

That's all for now! Hope you got a good laugh...hopefully that is the last time you'll hear the names Doral and Loral for a long, long time.


Six Months Along!

I have to apologize for my lack of blogging lately. Not only has work been really busy, but we don't have internet at home right now. It's a really long story, but we just have had the worst luck with cable/internet companies! We get new cable through Direct TV installed on Wednesday, but our internet won't start until March 5th. You can imagine the projects we've gotten done around the house without cable or internet! Anyway, we hit the 6 month mark last Thursday and the 26 week mark last Wednesday. Here is some information about the baby's developmental at 26 weeks:


I decided to do a little experiment over the weekend now that the baby can sense light. I had read that if you shine a flashlight on your stomach, the baby will move away from the light. So, I took one of our flashlights and did exactly that. I put it on the right side of my belly, and I immediately felt a BUMP on my left side. So then I moved the flashlight to my left side, and then I felt a BUMP on my right side. This pattern continued a couple more times until Ryan confirmed my own feelings...maybe I was scaring the baby! I think it was definitely trying to get away from that light! Pretty interesting, though, huh? The baby is starting to feel bigger and heavier inside of me. When it moves, I don't just feel it in one area anymore. Instead, I can feel it moving in several spots at once. If I push down on my stomach, I can feel it's body parts moving away. It's just the neatest thing and will be something that I really miss after the baby is born!

I will write more later this week if I can. I have a prenatal appointment on Wednesday morning. Can you believe that this is my last 4 week appointment? For the next four appointments, I will be going to the doctor every two weeks. My 30 week appointment is going to be really fun...the glucose test and a shot of Rhogam...HOORAY! I will post some pictures, too, when I can to show "the belly" at 27 weeks. :)


Practicing Being a Daddy

I know our dogs are just...well...dogs, but they have been great practice for having kids in some ways. Those of you who have dogs know exactly what I'm talking about. Other than the obvious feeding and letting them outside to "do their business", we have to plan out how long we can be gone, get dog sitters when necessary, and make sure we spend actual quality time with them (or else they get cranky...especially Kya). Ever since they ate the carpet, we had to limit their privileges at home. They are back in their cages, not allowed on the sectional in our living room, and have to sleep in their own beds rather than ours at night. Here's a picture of Ryan cuddled up with them since we don't let them on the furniture anymore:

Our school was having a book fair the other week. Of course they strategically plan the book fair to happen during Grandparent's Week so that all the visiting grandparents will buy their grandkids anything they want! Anyway, I decided to see if there were any books that I needed to buy for the baby. I found this book called "Me and My Dad" and just couldn't resist. Here is a picture of Ryan practicing being a daddy with the dogs:

The story really is sweet, and I can't wait to watch him reading Me and My Dad to our baby someday. He's going to be such a great dad!


Happy Valentine's Day

Happy (belated) Valentine's Day! I usually don't make a big deal out of Valentine's Day, but it is does provide a nice opportunity to take time out of your day to show someone that you love them. With this being our last Valentine's Day before having kids, I did want to make it special. I asked Ryan to grab a movie at Blockbuster and told him that I would make a nice dinner and dessert for him.

Well, Thursday came, and although Ryan and I talked a bit that morning before work, but neither of us remembered to say Happy Valentine's Day (I told you that we don't usually care much about this holiday)! He called me sometime that afternoon to wish me a Happy Valentine's Day and said he was driving back to work from an appointment. Well, about three minutes later, he surprised me at work and brought me flowers. It was really sweet, and I was completely surprised!

So after I finished up at work that day, I went to the grocery store to get everything for dinner. I decided to make Ryan a New York Strip with skewered shrimp on top, garlic mashed potatoes, dinner rolls, and a salad (which we decided not to have for dinner - no veggies for Baby that night!). I also wanted to make profiteroles for dessert and had never done so before. For those of you who haven't had them, it's basically a pastry filled with ice cream and chocolate sauce. We first had them at our rehearsal dinner at Maggianos, and now we get them every time we go back there. I had a great time cooking and baking, and dinner turned out great! We topped it off with our favorite...sparkling white grape juice and of course, drank the whole bottle with dinner. I sure hope it doesn't have caffiene in it!

YUM! My mouth waters just looking at that shrimp!

Profiteroles = DELICIOUS!

Other than dinner, I also got Ryan a card and two kinds of his favorite candy: Mike & Ikes and Sour Patch Kids. He gave me a really sweet card and a necklace charm from Hallmark. I already have one that I wore a lot while we were trying to get pregnant that says "Strength". It's just so perfect that I can replace that charm with the one Ryan got me because it says "Mother". It was just the most thoughtful gift, and I still tear up thinking about it. I love him so much!

We were both stuffed to the brim from dinner and dessert, and then we watched a movie called Dedication. It was really different from Mandy Moore's usual films, and it took awhile to really "grab" us, but we ended up liking it. The guy in the movie is a nut case, so that is always really entertaining! All in all, it was a great Valentine's Day...one I will never forget!


25 Weeks!

We hit the 25 week mark today...how exciting! Here is the information about the baby's development at 25 weeks:


It feels like we hit a major milestone today, but I'm not really sure why. I think just because we'll hit 30 weeks...then 35 weeks...and then we'll be 40 weeks! It's all just so wild, and what a better way to celebrate than to open a HUGE package that arrived today from Mama & Papa (what the baby will call Ryan's parents). They had mentioned over the weekend to look for something, but getting this gift was far more than we ever imagined! Check it out:

Baby Abell's "Travel System"

You should have seen Ryan and I assembling the few pieces that we had to put together. I think it's beginning to hit us how much assembling we will be doing over the next several years! The funniest part was us trying to figure out how the car seat snapped into the stroller...HILARIOUS! We look like a bunch of amateurs - oh wait, we totally are. :) Anyway, a BIG THANKS goes out to Ryan's parents because it was just such a thoughtful gift, and it just makes everything that much more real.

The picture below is what the nursery looks like now. Ryan and I hung the valance and put up a cloth shade (another very interesting assembly!) over the weekend. At first we liked it, but then we thought the shade looked too dark. Now that more time has passed, we feel like it matches the furniture well and looks really nice. When the light shines in, the shade takes on a "cherry" look, so then it really goes well with the furniture. We may try a different shade there, but we'll see! It's growing on us. A darker shade is probably practical for day time naps, so maybe it's for the best. Time will tell! It's really starting to look like a room. We just have some decorations to hang on the wall, but I'm not really in any rush to get that done. Sometimes I just walk in there and look around, and other times I will sit on the glider with a bowl of cereal (my favorite these days!) and just think...think about the past, present, and what's to come. I don't feel in a hurry at all for time to go by, but I really am getting more and more excited every day to meet this baby!

I also want to share the pictures of me at 25 weeks! Usually I try to stay in my work clothes until Ryan and I get the picture taken, but I was just dying to put on my pajamas when I got home, so that's how you'll find me. If you are brave and look closely at the one of my bare belly, you can see my little belly button sticking out. It feels like a miniature marshmellow!

My week is going much better...no emotional turmoil and no major stress at work. I appreciated your emails, blog comments, and phone calls after I posted that blog. It is so encouraging to hear from people who love us, and I just appreciate all of you so much!


24 Weeks!

I just realized that I forgot to post the information about the baby's development at 24 weeks, so here you go!


I actually had kind of a rough week to be honest. I've had my emotional moments throughout the pregnancy, but that is really no different than how things were before becoming pregnant. This week, though, was just an emotional week. I have felt more stressed out about work than usual because I am now working with preschoolers. They are just the cutest little kids, but they are only 4 or 5 years old and have some significant delays in their development. So, it's much more difficult to complete my assessments, especially when they hardly have any verbal communication. It was just an overwhelming and draining way to begin my week! Then, a coworker of mine, who is pregnant with twins and is due about 2-3 weeks before me, started having contractions and was admitted to the hospital. That just touches me differently now than it ever would have before...partly because I finally understand what it's like to have a life growing inside of me and also because she and I are due so close to one another. I found myself saying many prayers that day at school and really fighting back the tears. Another thing I've struggled with is all of the comments I get throughout the day from people I work with regarding my physical appearance. I know they are just trying to be nice...to be involved...and to be participate in this pregnancy. I really do get that! Sometimes, though, I just want to go to work and well...work. Each time I pass someone in the hallway, I hear "You're really showing now" or "You really popped out" or "You're getting bigger" (my personal favorite). If you play the scenario in your head, you may find it difficult to come up with a response to some of those things. Just saying, "Yep" seems rude, but honestly...what do you say? I mean, the baby is getting bigger...therefore I am getting bigger...pregnant women get bigger...it's part of the deal. :) Again, I know people are just being social. It's just hard for me to constantly feel like I'm being studied, checked out, sized up (literally), etc. I'm embarrassed to put some of these feelings out there for everyone to read, but that's the purpose of this blog...to record my experience throughout this pregnancy. Leaving out some of these feelings would make it less authentic, so hopefully you can appreciate that...even if you think I'm crazy!

With that said, I just watched a video that a friend of mine posted on her blog, and it has completely reminded me to be THANKFUL and to COUNT MY BLESSINGS that we were able to create this baby (with some help from above). :) Check it out below:

It's so important to be reminded of how lucky we are, especially as I go back into another week of preschool evaluations, comments from coworkers, etc. Whenever I start to feel down, I'm going to remember this video and consider myself the luckiest person in the world to be able to bring a life into the world, to be married such an incredible husband, and to have such awesome family and friends. Life truly is good!


Nursery Furniture!!!

The nursery furniture arrived today...HOORAY! Ryan worked on it all evening, and it turned out great. The nursery looks just like I had imagined it in my head! I am really impressed by the quality of this set from JCPenney. Ryan and I both agreed that we like it better than any other furniture we saw at Babies R Us, USA Baby, and any online store. Next I just need to buy a curtain rod and curtains, and then we can hang the window treatments. I will probably buy a rug to go in front of the dresser, too, because the carpet changed colors in front of the window due to the sun. It really is so cute! I hope you all like it. Can you believe that it won't be long before the baby is here?? We can't wait!

I LOVE this sleigh crib! Is that mobile so cute or what??

I am imagining many night feedings in that rocker (the one that Kelli used with her kids)!

I LOVE this dresser!! The left side will work as a changing table (once we add the changing pad), and there is so much drawer space!


Registering for Baby Stuff!

So Ryan and I embarked on a journey yesterday at 9:30 a.m...a journey to register for baby stuff! When we registered for our wedding, it was so easy. You know what you need, you understand the purposes of those items (i.e., the uses of a blender), and you can rely on your personal taste in choosing items for your registery.

With a baby, it is completely different! You cannot begin to imagine all of the things they need (or that makes things more convenient), you really aren't sure the purposes of these baby items (i.e., nipple flow and its relation to a baby's age), and you realize that personal taste doesn't always mean the best quality. So, everything that we had going for us when we registered for wedding stuff was out the window! :) I had heard how stressful it could be registering for baby stuff. In fact, I had a couple people talk about the panic attacks that they had while registering. Not really wanting to spend the day arguing with Ryan or feeling anxious about how little I really know about raising a baby at this point, Ryan and I decided to call in some back up. His sister has had three children (ages 2, 4, and 7), and we both LOVE her, so we asked her to come help! Ryan and I got started at Babies R Us soon after the store opened at 9:30 a.m. We picked out our "travel system" (infant car seat and stroller), pack-n-play, swing, and high chair. Kelli arrived soon after to help us with everything else. I mean, what do I know about choosing a mattress for my unborn baby? I choose a mattress based on comfort. For a baby...you have 7 choices, and you have no idea exactly what is important about a mattress (except you know that waterproof is probably a necessity!). There were items in the store that I knew nothing about. A sleep sack, for instance...I didn't really know the purpose of this item. Apparently you can put one on your baby to help it stay warm at night rather than/in addition to using a blanket. I just haven't been around many people with infants, so this is all new territory for me.

To sum up the day, Ryan, Kelli, and I registered at Babies R Us for a few hours. Then we had lunch at a Japanese steakhouse and went back to Babies R Us afterward. We finished there a couple hours later. Kelli drove back home, and we decided to do the same. After hanging out around the house, Ryan and I went back to Target around 7 p.m. to register there. Needless to say, we both crashed last night! Overall, it was a good day. We got a lot accomplished and had a pretty good time. :) Last night Ryan told me how excited he was getting for the baby. It was really sweet. I am really going to cherish the next 16 1/2 weeks until this little one arrives. It's a really special time for Ryan and I to have together, and I'm going to enjoy every minute. :)
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