Nursery Furniture & Baby on the Move

Have I mentioned in my blog that as soon as I wake up in the morning after my alarm goes off, the baby starts moving. It's so cute! It's like it's trying to say good morning to us. So the baby started moving, and once again I grabbed Ryan's hand to see if he could feel it. HE DID! It was really neat for him to be able to feel what I've been feeling since around Christmas time. Now he can enjoy the baby moving, too!

So I've been on this mission to find nursery furniture for several months now. Let me tell you...I am one picky person! I could not find anything that I liked. I went to Babies R Us several times and just could not convince myself into liking any of their stuff. I also checked out Target (my favorite store in the world) and didn't see anything. I would like the crib but dislike the corresponding dresser or vice versa. So I searched and searched and finally found a set that was perfect from JCPenney. See pictures below:

I just love this nursery set! We wanted the finish to be cherry instead of maple, which is what is shown in these pictures. Anyway, the set was on sale around Christmas, so I started looking at promotional codes online to save some extra money. The store does not carry any nursery furniture in stock, so we were going to have to pay $200 for shipping (YIKES!), so I really wanted to find a free shipping coupon or something. So I found some promotional codes online, but they wouldn't work. So I decided to call customer service the next morning to figure out why. Well, because we're ordering furniture, my codes didn't apply. And on top of that...the set was no longer on sale that morning...I was so bummed out! I knew it would go on sale again, and we had plenty of time to wait it out.
So, I've been checking JCP.com everyday since then to wait for it to go on sale, and yesterday, it did! We went to the store, opened a JCP credit card to save 10%, and ordered the furniture. We stayed below the price we were wanting to pay be like $2.50...is that hilarious or what?? I'm one happy mama because I just love that furniture! Let's hope that when we open the boxes that there are no defects. :) They are supposed to call me within 7-14 days to schedule the shipping date. We also picked out a paint color for the baby's room and are excited to get everything painted before the furniture comes. I will post before and after pictures soon. I'm sure you noticed the dogs' cages back in there again after the carpet incident, so we'll be moving those to the office this weekend to make room for the baby's stuff! I can't wait to sit in our glider that Ryan's sister gave us and just read stories to this little one. It will be great!

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