Bad Dogs = Unhappy Amy & Ryan

For more than the past month, Ryan and I have been leaving the dogs out of their cages. First, we started by leaving them out for a couple hours. Then, we worked up to leaving them out all day long while we were at work. Well, I came home today to a room full of pieces of carpet and carpet pad all over the place! You would have thought that they demonlished the entire downstairs. As it turned out, they only ate a 2-5 inch strip of carpet, but we are SO mad at them! I flew through the roof when I saw the mess and instantly began screaming "You are such bad dogs!!" I yelled at them, rubbed their noses in it, put them in their cages upstairs, and left them in "time out" for over 20 minutes. Yeah, I was a MEAN MOM! Most of you know that I LOVE these dogs...I mean really love them. HOWEVER, I have never been so disappointed in them before now. I called Ryan in the midst of my anger and told him about it. I think it was a good first glance at many future phone calls to Ryan saying that our kids did this, or our kids did that. It's kind of funny when I think about it like that. BUT, when I don't think about it in a more positive light, I just feel sad. I'm sad that they were bad...sad that they have to go back to their cages every day...sad that they really blew it...sad that we will likely have to replace the carpet. Yep, since it's in the middle of a walkway (right by our front entry), the carpet is really warn down. So, putting new carpet there will probably look really obvious (I'm just guessing). Ryan and I are really working hard to pay off all of our loans, and this may put a little damper on our plans. :( Yep, that makes me sad, too. The last thing we want to do is replace carpet right before having kids, so stay tuned for an update on Operation Carpet. Again, when you think about it...if this is our biggest problem, we have a pretty good life, huh?

I will write again on Wednesday when we are 21 weeks...posting new pictures and new information about the baby's development. You know what? He/She has been moving like crazy while writing this blog! It's just wild!

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JoJo said...

So it's official, buying a cage for Babel is a must. ...No one can be trusted!

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