Babell LOVES Daddy!

Now that the baby is moving sporadically throughout the day, I have noticed something really neat. Babell loves his/her daddy already!!! Even though Ryan cannot feel the baby move yet, the baby seems to have this really neat connection to him. For example, around Christmas time, I was only feeling the baby move a couple times a day. On two or three occasions, I hadn't felt the baby move that day, and Ryan sat next to me and started playing his guitar. Immediately, the baby started dancing around in my belly! Then, after staying overnight at a friend's house Saturday, Ryan called me in the morning to say hello. The baby again hadn't moved yet that day, but as soon as Ryan started talking to me on the phone, the baby started moving around! Our conversation only lasted a couple minutes, and as soon as it ended, the baby stopped moving around, too. How wild is that? My last example was when Ryan got home last night. I had been sleeping on the couch after work. As soon as Ryan started talking to me, the baby began moving again. It stopped while he was upstairs changing out of his work clothes, but the as soon as he came back downstairs and started talking to me again, the baby started moving again! I just think it's the neatest thing that the two of them are already connected. Of course, I do feel him/her moving when Ryan isn't around. It just starts moving like that a lot when he starts talking to me! How neat is that?

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