23 Weeks and Prenatal Appointment

Here is the information about the baby's development at 23 weeks. He/she finally weighs over a pound!!

We had another prenatal appointment today, and it helped me realize exactly why we went with a midwife to begin with. Basically, the appointment lasted approximately 4 1/2 minutes. They weighed me (15 pound total gain), took my blood pressure (90/60), talked to me about bringing in a urine sample at my next visit (YAY! Urine is going to sit in my car all day!), measured my fundal height (27 inches), and listened to the baby's heart beat (148 beats per minute). I asked 2 questions, during which the doctor was already writing up our "bill"...she answered them...and we were out the door. I know this can be really typical at doctors, but when you're used to working with a midwife for 30 minutes per prenatal visit, it's hard to want to give that up! I just feel like this person is going to help me deliver our baby and yet she knows nothing about me except what is on paper. BLAH! Anyway, we'll stay where we are, but I will be glad when I don't have to regularly go see a doctor anymore. I just feel anxious in doctor's offices...they're so sterile no matter how cute their decor is, you know? My total weight gain is just where it needs to be. It should be between 13-16 pounds, and I have gained 15 pounds. My fundal height is about 4 centimeters bigger than expected, but our doc said that this can be due to my uterus just moving upward, and my intestines filling in underneath (YUM!). It can also occur if the baby is bigger or if you have too much amniotic fluid. If I measure big the next visit or two, they may order another ultrasound to make sure everything is ok. Time will tell, and I'm just not worry about it!

At my next prenatal visit, we'll be 27 weeks along. It will be a "normal" appointment, and then I will start going every 2 weeks. Can you believe that we are almost to that point already? At the 29 week appointment, I will take the glucose test. They will send me home with this sugary drink after my 27 weeks so that the morning of my 29 week appointment I can drink it. Then, an hour after I drink it, I have to go in to get my blood drawn to screen for gestational diabetes. At that point (or maybe at 31 weeks), I will also get my Rhogam shot since my blood type is B negative, and Ryan is A positive. That's about all I have to share about the doctor's visits!

Now for the part you've been waiting for...my 23 week pictures! It is just wild when you compare my belly at 9 weeks to 23 weeks. Sometimes I can't believe there is an 11 inch long baby inside me, but when I see how much my belly has grown, it seems much more believable! Hope you enjoy the pictures! Our nursery furniture is in Indianapolis and should hopefully be delivered to us sometime next week, so I'll post some pictures as soon as we get it.

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