22 Weeks

We hit the 22 week mark on Wednesday. Here is some information about the baby's development at 22 weeks:


I was so glad to read that he/she almost weighs a pound now! I guess it develops fat at a later point, which is part of the reason it weighs so little right now. This week was pretty busy with work, and I was so happy when Friday finally came around. Things are just getting busier, and I'm just starting to get a little more uncomfortable. I find myself asking Ryan for back rubs at least every other day, and my hips/pelvic bone feel like they have a lot of pressure on them. Again, it just helps me know that things are developing just as they should. :) There is just one thing that I'm not sure is completely normal, so I'm going to ask my doc about it on Wednesday. I honestly can drink liquids ALL DAY LONG! Now, I've never been one to drink much throughout the day, so maybe it just feels like a bigger change than it actually is for the average person. I put down a gallon of apple juice in 2 days, a gallon of orange juice in 5 days, lots & lots of milk, and even more water. I had to get up at church to get a drink of water this morning b/c I was so thirsty, and when I say a drink of water, I mean I am chugging water at the drinking fountain like I just ran a marathon or something. Then, after sitting back down, I started having hot flashes, so Ryan and I went outside to get some fresh air. It is definitely below freezing outsie, but I didn't wear a coat and instead fanned myself with my church bulletin. It felt GLORIOUS! We were out there for a bit and then went back into the church. Again I got too hot, so I asked some ladies in our kitchen for some...you guessed it...orange juice! It made me feel better for a bit, but then I was back to blah. So, I just decided to go home about 15 minutes early. I feel much better now that I'm laying down on the couch. I think it's about time for another bowl of cereal...something I eat every single day! I apologize if I repeat myself in these blogs, but I can't seem to remember what I've written about, so I sometimes write the same thing. I eat 2-3 bowls of cereal each day...it's so good! I feel like it gives me a good reason to have more milk; plus, I try to eat cereal with whole grains. It's just a really quick, yummy snack!

Ryan and my mom painted the nursery yesterday, and now I see why they tell pregnant women not to paint. Our noses turn into alarms for when danger is near, and boy, paint has never smelled so strong before!! Even if I wanted to help, I don't think I could have stood the smell. Plus, they say it's a big reason why women go into pre-term labor. Ryan's putting on the second coat today, so we're excited to see the final product! It really is turning out just how I hoped. It's a really light blue...more in the periwinkle family of blues than the darker blues. It's funny how people just automatically assume you are having a boy if you paint your room blue. Last time I checked, girls liked blue, too! :) I know people can have a hard time picking out clothes when they do not know the sex of the baby, but I will definitely be putting my girl in blue (maybe not with firetrucks on it...but other animals would be cute!). I won't stick my boy in pink or anything, but I think girls have more options for clothes. :)

I will be sure to post pictures of the nursery soon! We should hear from the furniture delivery people soon about setting up a time/date for them to bring us the furniture we ordered. I can't wait to see it!

Until next time...have a great day!

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jatill said...

Amy - I drink so much when pg and even more when nursing! When pg with Bradyn I ate 1/4 of a watermellon each night which seemed to help. When nursing I seriously drank approximately 130 ounces a day of water the first few months! When pg, I also would get hot when standing too long so that may be your issue at church. I would start sweating and feel faint. listen to your body! good luck!


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