23 Weeks and Prenatal Appointment

Here is the information about the baby's development at 23 weeks. He/she finally weighs over a pound!!

We had another prenatal appointment today, and it helped me realize exactly why we went with a midwife to begin with. Basically, the appointment lasted approximately 4 1/2 minutes. They weighed me (15 pound total gain), took my blood pressure (90/60), talked to me about bringing in a urine sample at my next visit (YAY! Urine is going to sit in my car all day!), measured my fundal height (27 inches), and listened to the baby's heart beat (148 beats per minute). I asked 2 questions, during which the doctor was already writing up our "bill"...she answered them...and we were out the door. I know this can be really typical at doctors, but when you're used to working with a midwife for 30 minutes per prenatal visit, it's hard to want to give that up! I just feel like this person is going to help me deliver our baby and yet she knows nothing about me except what is on paper. BLAH! Anyway, we'll stay where we are, but I will be glad when I don't have to regularly go see a doctor anymore. I just feel anxious in doctor's offices...they're so sterile no matter how cute their decor is, you know? My total weight gain is just where it needs to be. It should be between 13-16 pounds, and I have gained 15 pounds. My fundal height is about 4 centimeters bigger than expected, but our doc said that this can be due to my uterus just moving upward, and my intestines filling in underneath (YUM!). It can also occur if the baby is bigger or if you have too much amniotic fluid. If I measure big the next visit or two, they may order another ultrasound to make sure everything is ok. Time will tell, and I'm just not worry about it!

At my next prenatal visit, we'll be 27 weeks along. It will be a "normal" appointment, and then I will start going every 2 weeks. Can you believe that we are almost to that point already? At the 29 week appointment, I will take the glucose test. They will send me home with this sugary drink after my 27 weeks so that the morning of my 29 week appointment I can drink it. Then, an hour after I drink it, I have to go in to get my blood drawn to screen for gestational diabetes. At that point (or maybe at 31 weeks), I will also get my Rhogam shot since my blood type is B negative, and Ryan is A positive. That's about all I have to share about the doctor's visits!

Now for the part you've been waiting for...my 23 week pictures! It is just wild when you compare my belly at 9 weeks to 23 weeks. Sometimes I can't believe there is an 11 inch long baby inside me, but when I see how much my belly has grown, it seems much more believable! Hope you enjoy the pictures! Our nursery furniture is in Indianapolis and should hopefully be delivered to us sometime next week, so I'll post some pictures as soon as we get it.


Nursery Pictures!

Ok, so here are the first pictures of the nursery after Ryan finished painting the second coat today. We are so happy with the final product and are looking forward to seeing what it looks like with the furniture in it. :) Hope you like it, too!

The picture below is taken after we're all done and lying on the nursery floor. Ryan is one tired puppy!

22 Weeks

We hit the 22 week mark on Wednesday. Here is some information about the baby's development at 22 weeks:


I was so glad to read that he/she almost weighs a pound now! I guess it develops fat at a later point, which is part of the reason it weighs so little right now. This week was pretty busy with work, and I was so happy when Friday finally came around. Things are just getting busier, and I'm just starting to get a little more uncomfortable. I find myself asking Ryan for back rubs at least every other day, and my hips/pelvic bone feel like they have a lot of pressure on them. Again, it just helps me know that things are developing just as they should. :) There is just one thing that I'm not sure is completely normal, so I'm going to ask my doc about it on Wednesday. I honestly can drink liquids ALL DAY LONG! Now, I've never been one to drink much throughout the day, so maybe it just feels like a bigger change than it actually is for the average person. I put down a gallon of apple juice in 2 days, a gallon of orange juice in 5 days, lots & lots of milk, and even more water. I had to get up at church to get a drink of water this morning b/c I was so thirsty, and when I say a drink of water, I mean I am chugging water at the drinking fountain like I just ran a marathon or something. Then, after sitting back down, I started having hot flashes, so Ryan and I went outside to get some fresh air. It is definitely below freezing outsie, but I didn't wear a coat and instead fanned myself with my church bulletin. It felt GLORIOUS! We were out there for a bit and then went back into the church. Again I got too hot, so I asked some ladies in our kitchen for some...you guessed it...orange juice! It made me feel better for a bit, but then I was back to blah. So, I just decided to go home about 15 minutes early. I feel much better now that I'm laying down on the couch. I think it's about time for another bowl of cereal...something I eat every single day! I apologize if I repeat myself in these blogs, but I can't seem to remember what I've written about, so I sometimes write the same thing. I eat 2-3 bowls of cereal each day...it's so good! I feel like it gives me a good reason to have more milk; plus, I try to eat cereal with whole grains. It's just a really quick, yummy snack!

Ryan and my mom painted the nursery yesterday, and now I see why they tell pregnant women not to paint. Our noses turn into alarms for when danger is near, and boy, paint has never smelled so strong before!! Even if I wanted to help, I don't think I could have stood the smell. Plus, they say it's a big reason why women go into pre-term labor. Ryan's putting on the second coat today, so we're excited to see the final product! It really is turning out just how I hoped. It's a really light blue...more in the periwinkle family of blues than the darker blues. It's funny how people just automatically assume you are having a boy if you paint your room blue. Last time I checked, girls liked blue, too! :) I know people can have a hard time picking out clothes when they do not know the sex of the baby, but I will definitely be putting my girl in blue (maybe not with firetrucks on it...but other animals would be cute!). I won't stick my boy in pink or anything, but I think girls have more options for clothes. :)

I will be sure to post pictures of the nursery soon! We should hear from the furniture delivery people soon about setting up a time/date for them to bring us the furniture we ordered. I can't wait to see it!

Until next time...have a great day!


5 Months!

Can you believe we are 5 months pregnant today? It is just crazy!! I don't feel like we have been pregnant that long, but I'm sure it's because I have been feeling so well. I am starting to notice some changes with my hips/pelvic bone lately. They just feel more loose than usual. I know it's completely normal to feel this way, but I have to admit...it's a little strange! Sometimes I just feel a little more wobbly, and other times it feels a little achy. This new change is also a little scary because I know it's my body preparing for delivering this baby. Yeah, I'm not QUITE ready to think about that in detail just yet. :) Since we're past the halfway point, I decided to get us signed up for three classes at Methodist & IU Hospitals to prepare for little Babell.

1. Weekend Childbirth Preparation Class: This is our lamaze class that last from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. on a Saturday.

2. Advanced Labor Support: To help prepare us for a more natural labor (hopefully!)

3. Breastfeeding with Ease: My mom is going to attend this class with me b/c she had such a great experience with breastfeeding. So many people have a hard time, so I thought it would be fun to take this class together! It will help me feel positive from the get go. :)

Ryan took out the ceiling fan in the nursery and put in a new overhead light. Plus, he put in a dimmer switch, which will be great for those late night feedings. He has really been great about getting things ready around here! Our furniture shipped yesterday, but no one has called us or let us know when it is supposed to arrive. I can't imagine it's something they can just leave on the doorstep. :) Hopefully we'll hear something soon! Ryan and my mom are going to paint the nursery on Saturday. I tried to post a picture of the paint color, but I think you're going to have to wait until it's finished next Saturday. Let's hope we picked a good one!

That's all for now! Only 4 more months to go. Starting in March, it looks like the baby showers and childbirth classes are going to start picking up. We're just enjoying every minute of our time together before the baby comes!


Nursery Furniture & Baby on the Move

Have I mentioned in my blog that as soon as I wake up in the morning after my alarm goes off, the baby starts moving. It's so cute! It's like it's trying to say good morning to us. So the baby started moving, and once again I grabbed Ryan's hand to see if he could feel it. HE DID! It was really neat for him to be able to feel what I've been feeling since around Christmas time. Now he can enjoy the baby moving, too!

So I've been on this mission to find nursery furniture for several months now. Let me tell you...I am one picky person! I could not find anything that I liked. I went to Babies R Us several times and just could not convince myself into liking any of their stuff. I also checked out Target (my favorite store in the world) and didn't see anything. I would like the crib but dislike the corresponding dresser or vice versa. So I searched and searched and finally found a set that was perfect from JCPenney. See pictures below:

I just love this nursery set! We wanted the finish to be cherry instead of maple, which is what is shown in these pictures. Anyway, the set was on sale around Christmas, so I started looking at promotional codes online to save some extra money. The store does not carry any nursery furniture in stock, so we were going to have to pay $200 for shipping (YIKES!), so I really wanted to find a free shipping coupon or something. So I found some promotional codes online, but they wouldn't work. So I decided to call customer service the next morning to figure out why. Well, because we're ordering furniture, my codes didn't apply. And on top of that...the set was no longer on sale that morning...I was so bummed out! I knew it would go on sale again, and we had plenty of time to wait it out.
So, I've been checking JCP.com everyday since then to wait for it to go on sale, and yesterday, it did! We went to the store, opened a JCP credit card to save 10%, and ordered the furniture. We stayed below the price we were wanting to pay be like $2.50...is that hilarious or what?? I'm one happy mama because I just love that furniture! Let's hope that when we open the boxes that there are no defects. :) They are supposed to call me within 7-14 days to schedule the shipping date. We also picked out a paint color for the baby's room and are excited to get everything painted before the furniture comes. I will post before and after pictures soon. I'm sure you noticed the dogs' cages back in there again after the carpet incident, so we'll be moving those to the office this weekend to make room for the baby's stuff! I can't wait to sit in our glider that Ryan's sister gave us and just read stories to this little one. It will be great!


21 Weeks!

We made it! We're past the halfway point...it's just going by so quickly! Here is a link to read about the baby's development at 21 weeks:

So it is beginning to hit me that we are going to be 5 months pregnancy next Monday. I just can't believe how quickly the time is going. I have honestly enjoyed being pregnant...probably because I've had a realitively easy pregnancy so far. I started thinking about how I might miss being pregnant after the baby is born. Of course, maybe that's why we experience a third trimester...to remind us that this is not a state we want to be in forever and ever! :) I really can't complain about much. I can tell my back and getting more and more sore, but Ryan did buy me a prenatal massage for each month of the rest of my pregnancy for Christmas, so I just need to start scheduling them. I honestly can't wait! I bought this huge pillow to sleep with at night that looks pretty similar to this one: http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2267435. The only difference is that mine can zip into being a circle at one end. When you wrap the rest of the pillow around the circle, it forms a little chair that I can put the baby in at a later time. I didn't sleep that well with it the first or third nights, but on the second night, I slept great! I think it's just going to take some getting used to. It does help me sleep on my side and provides more support for my body. Speaking of my body, here are some new pictures for your enjoyment! It's wild to compare this one to our 9 week picture. My legs, arms, and face really seem the same size, but my belly just keeps growing! I've been lucky so far in how my body is changing in that I'm all belly. I do hope it stays that way, but only time will tell!

26th birthday!

Last Thursday was my 26th birthday! I worked all day, and when I got home, I walked into a kitchen that smelled of roses. My dad and Danette got me these beautiful roses, and the smell has just permeated the whole house...it smells wonderful! Before I was pregnant, I didn't smell much of anything. Now, of course, I smell everything times 100! So, needless to say, I have really enjoyed smelling those roses this past week.

Ryan also surprised me with a new digital camera, and it's so cute! I have a great camera already, but because it is so big, I don't always take it with me to go here or there. Now with this little one (and it's red!), it can fit in my already tiny purse perfectly. It was a great surprise! After I opened my present, we went out to this new restaurant in Greenwood called Stir Crazy. Here's the website if you want to take a look: http://stircrazy.com/fresh.htm. It was delicious! We chose to do the "market bar" option where we picked out our meat (shrimp for Ryan and chicken for me), chose fried rice (there were rice & noodle options), and then went over to the market bar to pick out veggies that we wanted, as well as a sauce. I picked teriyaki, and Ryan got the second spiciest option. We had a great time! Here are some pictures of the night. If you are wondering what I'm doing with my hands, Ryan made me hold up twenty-six since it was my birthday. Good times!


Bad Dogs = Unhappy Amy & Ryan

For more than the past month, Ryan and I have been leaving the dogs out of their cages. First, we started by leaving them out for a couple hours. Then, we worked up to leaving them out all day long while we were at work. Well, I came home today to a room full of pieces of carpet and carpet pad all over the place! You would have thought that they demonlished the entire downstairs. As it turned out, they only ate a 2-5 inch strip of carpet, but we are SO mad at them! I flew through the roof when I saw the mess and instantly began screaming "You are such bad dogs!!" I yelled at them, rubbed their noses in it, put them in their cages upstairs, and left them in "time out" for over 20 minutes. Yeah, I was a MEAN MOM! Most of you know that I LOVE these dogs...I mean really love them. HOWEVER, I have never been so disappointed in them before now. I called Ryan in the midst of my anger and told him about it. I think it was a good first glance at many future phone calls to Ryan saying that our kids did this, or our kids did that. It's kind of funny when I think about it like that. BUT, when I don't think about it in a more positive light, I just feel sad. I'm sad that they were bad...sad that they have to go back to their cages every day...sad that they really blew it...sad that we will likely have to replace the carpet. Yep, since it's in the middle of a walkway (right by our front entry), the carpet is really warn down. So, putting new carpet there will probably look really obvious (I'm just guessing). Ryan and I are really working hard to pay off all of our loans, and this may put a little damper on our plans. :( Yep, that makes me sad, too. The last thing we want to do is replace carpet right before having kids, so stay tuned for an update on Operation Carpet. Again, when you think about it...if this is our biggest problem, we have a pretty good life, huh?

I will write again on Wednesday when we are 21 weeks...posting new pictures and new information about the baby's development. You know what? He/She has been moving like crazy while writing this blog! It's just wild!


20 weeks!

We made it to the halfway mark!!! HOORAY! Here is some information about the baby's development at 20 weeks:


So up until this point, the baby was measured from head-to-rump because its legs were curled up. Now that the baby is moving around a lot more and stretches out, they measure its entire length. Imagine my shock to read that the baby is 10 inches long now!!!! I mean, no wonder I feel it moving all the time. :)

Another fun milestone this week is turning 26 tomorrow! It's funny because I told my friends in college that I wanted to be 26 when I had my first child, and it's completely turned out that way! I didn't push Ryan into having kids because of my age...it's just a coincidence that we were ready. I actually feel really good about turning 26, too, so that makes it extra nice!

My mom and I went on a shopping spree at Motherhood Maternity after work today, and I got so many great things!!! I feel like I can go to work now and not feel like I'm throwing together something just because it's the only thing that fits. My friend Alyssa told me about these "Secret Fit" pants at Motherhood Maternity, and I am convinced that they are the best invention ever. Check out this link to see a picture:


Seriously, when I first saw the picture, I thought, "Oh those will be way to constricting!" Boy was I wrong! They are the most comfortable maternity pants in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD. Plus, they look great on!!! I got a pair of black and a pair of gray dress pants for only $25 a piece with the secret fit. I mean, that is less than I spend on my regular dress pants! I am so excited! My mom bought me a great pair of jeans (Secret Fit of course!) and a cute sweater, and I bought an additional 2 tank tops, 9 shirts, and 2 pairs of dress pants all of $275!!! BOOYAH! I thought maternity clothes were going to cost so much more than my regular clothes, but they really are very similar to the price of clothes I typically buy. The best part is how much better I'm going to feel when I go to work. I can look like a professional rather than someone who is rotating the same 4-5 outfits. Happy birthday to me!!


Heartburn = No Fun

Ever since we found out that we were expecting, I have had acid reflux quite a bit. It really hasn't bothered me too much because again...it's just a good sign that things are developing just as they should be. HOWEVER, heartburn is a WHOLE DIFFERENT story! I'm telling you...when I get heartburn, it honestly feels like an elephant is sitting on my chest. It doesn't actually "burn" at all; instead, it's just this terrible pressure all over my chest. Again, I can tell myself that it is a good sign that the baby is developing, but it REALLY HURTS! I have had it three days in a row, and I'm not looking forward to the next time. What I have learned is how much my diet affects getting heartburn. For example, Saturday night I stayed overnight with some of my Hanover friends. We, of course, pigged out like crazy, and my chest felt horrible most of the night. Then, Sunday night Ryan and I went out to dinner at Denny's. I know...Denny's is gross, but Ryan LOVES it! So, I ordered french toast that came with both bacon and sausage. Yep, heartburn city afterwards! Yesterday for lunch, my coworkers wanted to celebrate three of our birthdays by ordering lunch at my favorite pizza place - Enzos. So, I got my usual 2 breadsticks with cheese and slice of pizza. YIKES! Afterward, I really thought I was having a heart attack or something. The pressure was pretty bad in my chest, but I also was having hot flashes and was seeing spots. I don't know if my blood pressure spiked or dropped; regardless, I felt horrible! Fortunately, we ate a really late lunch, so by the time I was feeling pretty bad, it was almost time to go home. I left work about 15 minutes early, drove home with the windows down, and slept for 2 hours until Ryan got home. I felt just fine after waking up!

Moral of the story - don't eat foods that aren't good for you! The baby doesn't like it, apparently, so I need to stick to lots of fruits, veggies, protein, and dairy. We'll see how that goes!

Babell LOVES Daddy!

Now that the baby is moving sporadically throughout the day, I have noticed something really neat. Babell loves his/her daddy already!!! Even though Ryan cannot feel the baby move yet, the baby seems to have this really neat connection to him. For example, around Christmas time, I was only feeling the baby move a couple times a day. On two or three occasions, I hadn't felt the baby move that day, and Ryan sat next to me and started playing his guitar. Immediately, the baby started dancing around in my belly! Then, after staying overnight at a friend's house Saturday, Ryan called me in the morning to say hello. The baby again hadn't moved yet that day, but as soon as Ryan started talking to me on the phone, the baby started moving around! Our conversation only lasted a couple minutes, and as soon as it ended, the baby stopped moving around, too. How wild is that? My last example was when Ryan got home last night. I had been sleeping on the couch after work. As soon as Ryan started talking to me, the baby began moving again. It stopped while he was upstairs changing out of his work clothes, but the as soon as he came back downstairs and started talking to me again, the baby started moving again! I just think it's the neatest thing that the two of them are already connected. Of course, I do feel him/her moving when Ryan isn't around. It just starts moving like that a lot when he starts talking to me! How neat is that?


Prenatal Appointment - 19 weeks!

Can you believe we are 19 weeks along as of yesterday? WOW! Here is some information about what is happening to the baby at 19 weeks gestation:


I really do believe the part about the baby being able to hear. It's been so fun because Ryan will play his guitar, and the baby will begin to do flips in my belly! I have no idea if this is a coincidence or not, but I like to imagine that the baby is already connecting with his/her dad. It's really sweet! For the past couple weeks, I would get this sensation every couple days or so that made me believe that I was feeling the baby moving. However, as soon as I'd think to myself, "Is the baby moving?" the sensation would go away. :) So as of the day after Christmas, I have been feeling the baby move every single day. It was usually happening after 9 p.m. or so, but today I felt it around 9 a.m., 1 p.m., and I will hopefully get to feel it again later tonight. I think it's moving after I eat a meal. Last night Ryan and I were watching a movie (Reign Over Me--I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!), and the baby was moving for 20 minutes off and on! It was so fun! I have never felt it move around like that before. I kept putting Ryan's hand on my belly to feel the baby, but he just couldn't feel it yet. He said it made him feel a little sad, but probably in about a month he'll be feeling him/her move regularly. :)

Our appointment with Dr. Soper went just fine yesterday! I found her to be a no-nonsense kinda doc...straight to the point...and a dry sense of humor. I can truly imagine her there when I give birth to this baby. She'll say, "Amy you need to push NOW!" and I'll be like, "Yes, Dr. Soper...whatever you say!" Hehe...I think Ryan is really happy with our decision, too, which makes the situation all the better.

My total weight gain is 10 lbs., which is just completely wild for a few reasons. First, I have never weighed this much before. Second, I don't feel 10 lbs. heavier. Third, I've decided that if I weigh this much at a later date (post pregnancy), I can't imagine being too upset because I don't really mind the way I look right now. :) It helps when you get compliments from your family, friends, and co-workers, so keep 'em coming! According to my earlier post about how much weight one should gain in pregnancy, I should weigh between 9 and 11 lbs. Isn't that wild? I'm right on track with things.

The baby's heartbeat was again music to our ears. I swear Ryan and I smile ear to ear when we hear that heart pounding away! It was 156 beats per minute this time, so we've seen higher heart rates, lower heart rates, and middle-of-the-road heart rates. Dr. Soper measured my fundal height (measurement between pubic bone and the top of my uterus), and it was 20 cm, which is right on track with our being 19 weeks along.

I started back to work today, as yesterday was the last day of Christmas break. It was nice to see my coworkers and the kids again, but I'm not going to lie...I could've used the extra two days off work to finish some things around the house. It's wild to think that only one more semester until the baby is here. :)


New Year's

Ever since we got married, Ryan and I talk about what we are most thankful for at the end of each year. We agreed that finding Emmanuel Church of Greenwood and making it our church home is what we are both most thankful for this year. We have met so many wonderful people and have grown in our faith as Christians. Plus, it is so nice to have that support and community while we are bringing a new life into this world. :)

So, it is pretty coincidental that we spent New Year's Eve and the beginning of 2008 with some of our new friends from church! Beckie and Tim moved to Indiana from Washington State to work at Emmanuel and have quickly become two people with whom we really enjoy spending time! They LOVE playing games, which is one of my very favorite things to do, so we hit it right off...not to mention...Beckie is a great cook. :) Beckie actually keeps a blog, too, and shares a lot of her ideas/projects for doing crafty things. Check it out to see how talented she is: http://infarrantlycreative.blogspot.com/. She often provides pictures and step-by-step instructions to create various things, so enjoy! Anyway, Beckie and Tim had us over to their new house, and they also invited our pastor Danny, his wife, and their three kids. We had a great time! We ate a ton of food, played the Nintendo Wii and a game called Sequence, and talked and laughed the night away. It was the perfect way to ring in the New Year! Here are some pictures of me after we got home around 12:45 a.m. As you can imagine, I slept until after 10 a.m. today after staying up so late!

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