Things I learned today...

Well, I learned a couple things today. First of all, don't skip breakfast! I know, I know...that should have been an obvious one. Skipping meals is a 'no go' when you are pregnant. It's such a bad habit, and I'm learning as I go, right? Well, I got ready and went to church this morning at 9 a.m. After church I got a couple things done around the house, and then Ryan came home. I was feeling a little faint and blah...so he made me some pancakes (something with very little flavor sounded good). I felt MUCH MUCH better after eating and having some orange juice. I took about a 2 1/2 hour nap and woke up feeling great!

Ryan and I went to the Colt's game today for his work. You know those seats that are at the VERY TOP level...yeah...that's where we were today! I didn't mind the seats at all...it was walking 30 rows to the top after climbing a bunch of stairs already. We got to the top, and there I was...well, feeling a little whoosy again! :) I know I should've had a snack before we left and probably some more water. Again, I'm learning...fast! Ryan hooked me up with a hot dog and a tall bottle of water. I felt much better after that!

So, big lessons learned:

1. Don't skip breakfast
2. Eats lots of snacks
3. Drink even more water that I'm already drinking (which I've already increased by a ton)

I have to say, Ryan is the best husband. He is taking really good care of me without being the least bit overbearing...just very helpful! I love that guy! Babell (short for Baby Abell) is one lucky kid to have a dad like Ryan. We (the baby and I) are so blessed!


Meeting our midwife

Tuesday we had our very first meeting with our midwife, Betsy. I had been in touch with her a couple times over the past few months, but it was time to sit down together and decide if we felt like it would be a good fit. Ryan picked me up from work on Tuesday (by the way, it's so hard not to tell everyone with whom you work) and we drove to the northside of town. Betsy was really nice and explained her philosophy about pregnancy and childbirth. She has delivered 575 babies! Can you even imagine?? Anyway, she works out of Methodist Hospital, which Ryan and I have toured. They have a lot of great options when you're in labor, and I like options! So, we decided to go ahead and make our first prenatal appointment with her for Oct. 16, when I'm 8 weeks pregnant (I'm about 5 weeks, 3 days now). We'll have our first physical, blood work, and possibly have the chance to hear Baby Abell's heartbeat. How exciting!!! I can't wait to blog about that visit.

Well, that's all for now. I think I'm going to read for a bit and then head to bed early. We're surprising my Nana and Papa in the morning with our good news before we help them at the Lungs for Life event downtown. They will be great grandparents for the first time. Very exciting!

The day we found out...

Ok, so I know some of you have already heard this story, but we'll go ahead and post it anyway for people who didn't get to hear all of the details.

Ryan and I knew that we were going to find out whether or not we were pregnant any day. It's such an exciting and hopeful / nerve-wracking time. :) So, I was driving home from work on Tuesday, Sept. 18th and decided that I couldn't wait another minute, another hour, or another day to find out. I grabbed a pizza and some crazy bread from Little Caesars (I was starving!) and drove home. I let the dogs outside, took the pregnancy test, and went back outside to play with them. After a little bit, I realized that the results were waiting for me inside. I walked into the bathroom and did the biggest triple-take....IT WAS POSITIVE!!! I immediately just starting crying and thanking God for blessing us with this new life. I was crying and laughing...laughing and crying. It was the best moment! Kya and Layla (our dogs) just stared at me and really weren't sure what to do. So we just ran around the house together like a bunch of crazy people. I kept running into the bathroom to make sure that my eyes hadn't deceived me...THEY HADN'T! Ryan called me on his way home...I was seriously about to explode and let out the surprise. He said that one of his good friends had called him that afternoon to say he was going to be a daddy. On the other end of the phone (unbeknownst to Ryan)...I was thinking, "SO ARE YOU!" It took everything I had not to just blurt it out right then and there. Ryan would be home in about 30 minutes so I had to think fast about how to surprise him. Of course me, being the planner that I am, had it all planned out about how I would tell him. Well, I had to toss aside Plan A, Plan B, and even Plan C. We went straight to Plan X. :) I decided to wrap up the pregnancy test in plastic wrap and hide it under a stack of crazy bread on his dinner plate (Haha...It's not gross! It was wrapped up.). Anyway, Ryan came home, and I had to completely play it cool...not easy when your heart is about to leap out of your chest. When he saw his 3 breadsticks in comparison to my 1 breadstick, he said, "Here, you have this one," and gave me one of his breadsticks. THE PREGNANCY TEST WAS EXPOSED!! He looked down and said, "What does this mean? What does this mean?" I said, "There's a baby in my belly," and we just celebrated! Ryan had the best grin on his face and kept saying, "I don't know what to say. I don't know what to say." It was really cute!

We had our small group Bible study meeting about 45 minutes later that evening. Everyone in our group had been praying for us in our hopes of starting a family, so we were excited to share the good news with them that night! The next day we surprised my mom at work with a Grandmother Willow Tree figurine, and she was so excited! Then we drove right up to Carmel to surprise Ryan's sister and our brother-in-law. Kelli screamed so loud I think the kids were scared. They are going to be so excited when they find out they are going to have a cousin! We drove over to Ryan's parents' house and shared the good news with them. They were just so happy for us! That weekend, we told my dad, stepmom, brother, and sister-in-law that we were going to drive up for the South Whitley Fall Festival. Little did they know, we were announcing that there was a baby in my belly! They were all happy to hear our good news. Little Baby Abell is so fortunate to have the best family in the world (and so are we).

So, that's the story. Wasn't it great? I will remember it for as long as I live!


First Blog!

Hi everyone! I know it's way too late for me to be up writing (Ryan's actually telling me to wrap it up because our midwife said that I need 8 hours of sleep), but I am so excited about sharing our pregnancy with all of you. We hope you enjoy reading this blog throughout our pregnancy. Good night!
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