Time for a little education...

Ok, so I lied in my last blog. I said that when people make comments to me about my appearance, I was just going to ride with it and love every minute of it. That was a lie...though it was not intentional in any way! I really thought I could be stronger than I actually am. I thought, once again, that the power of positive thinking would help push me through anything bad. I was wrong, wrong, wrong. While I truly still love my changing body, it is hard to hear negative feedback from others. So, I thought I would take this opportunity to write about what pregnant women are saying behind closed doors to other pregnant women (or their very supportive and loving spouses in my case).

The following are things that we would LOVE to hear you say to us during our pregnancy:

"WOW! You look beautiful."
"You are just glowing."
"Look at that cute belly! Can I rub it?"
"Pregnant women are so beautiful."
"You have never looked better."
"Your growing belly is so cute!"
"I can't believe there is a baby in there!"
"You are going to be a great mom."
"Being pregnant is such a gift, so enjoy every minute of it."

The following are things that we NEVER want to hear you say to us during our pregnancy. If you can't help yourself to think these things, please keep them to yourself:
"Whoa! You are really big!"
"You're no Shamoo, but you are definitely getting big."
"Are you sure they got your due date right?"
"I can't believe you're showing already."
"Are you positive you're not carrying twins?"
"I wouldn't say you're huge...just getting there."
"If you're this big now, can you imagine how big you'll be later?"
"You are really waddling around these days!"
Remember friends, pregnant women have feelings, too, and we can be especially sensitive right now given the hormone rollar coaster we're on. None of us would (or at least should) go up to someone who was gaining some weight and say anything negative to them. It shouldn't be any different for pregnant women. Most of all, just remember, there is a baby in there for crying out loud! Of course our bellies will grow, we will gain weight, and if we're really lucky, our feet will swell as big as Fred Flintstone. Acne, leg cramps, back aches, and water retention are just a few of the bonuses of being pregnant, but you know what...it's all worth it. You're bringing a new life into the world. What a gift...a miracle from God! While I can't expect all people I come across through this pregnancy to shower me with compliments, I do hope that when talking to me, and all other pregnant women that you use kind words. Until next time!

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jeanette said...

Amy you are absolutely beautiful and adorable pregnant. You are suppose to gain weight and have a big belly when you are pregnant. Let's see what they have to say when you are back in your size 2 jeans two weeks after delivery. Beene Moon

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