Christmas 2007

Hello again! Sorry I haven't written for awhile. I'm sure you were all really busy with Christmas, too, so you understand my lack of blogging. :) Ever since the "salad incident", Ryan and I have both laughed and relived the event several times. He says that my head spun around 2 times that night...yikes!

Anyway, we both had a really nice Christmas this year! We spent one day with my mom's family, had an overnight trip to Ryan's parents (with the dogs), had Ryan's mom's family over to our house to celebrate, and had an overnight trip to my dad and stepmom's house in South Whitley. We really had a great time with everyone! It's always fun to spend time with family, and now that the Tour de' Christmas is over, it's also nice to be home and to get things back on track. Right now the laundry machines are busy working, the pups are asleep on the couch with me, and Alice in Wonderland on the Disney Channel just ended. After I woke up this morning, I balanced the checkbook, put our schedule for January on the calendar, refilled Layla's prescription (she will have been seizure-free for a month as of tonight), and made an appointment with our new OBGYN! Check out the next blog for more information.

For now, here are some pictures of Ryan and the pups at Christmas. There aren't any pictures of me, but I will try to post some new belly shots on Wednesday after our appointment with Dr. Soper to show what I look like at 19 weeks. Can you believe that I'm almost halfway through this pregnancy. It is just flying by! I should also note that Ryan got me a prenatal massage for each month of the rest of this pregnancy. Wasn't that so great?!?! I can't wait to cash in my first one, as my back is just starting to bother me a little more lately.

Our Christmas tree with presents and stockings for Ryan, Kya, Layla, and me!

A better look at the dogs red stockings, their treats, and new toys!

The dogs waiting patiently at the top of the stairs before running down to see the gifts that Santa left them this year.

The pups eating their treats and finding their new toys!

Ryan enjoying his new pedals for his guitar!

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