New Ultrasound!

So Ryan and I had our ultrasound yesterday (Monday) and got the results today. Again, the doctor wanted to make sure that the chorion and amnion membranes that surround the amniotic sac had fused together. At the 12 week ultrasound, they were still separated. We have good news because everything turned out just fine! The membranes are fused together just as they need to be. :)

I drank my 24 oz. of water in about 35 minutes before the appointment in order to have a full bladder (it helps your uterus get in the best position for imaging). When we arrived, I told the technician that I did not want to know the sex of the baby. Ryan then asked if she would tell him even if I didn't want to know. He was going to ask her to put it in an envelope so that he could keep it in our safe and look in the future if he really wanted to know. The technician told us that she does whatever the mom wants and that it had been her policy for 17 years. Well, there was no arguing with that! I felt really, really bad about it because I really don't like to make decisions for both of us. Ryan told me not to feel bad, but I still do a bit. The funny thing is...when the technician put the probe on my belly, the first thing we saw was little Babell lounging in there with his/her legs completely stretched out and crossed! It was hysterical! It was as if the baby was saying, "I don't care whether you want to know or not...I'm not telling you anyway!" Little stinker! He or she was moving around like crazy, and the technician said she was really having to keep up with the baby. Words cannot describe what it is like to see what your baby looks like while it develops in utero. It just leaves me in awe thinking about it! I mean, I know that I'm pregnant, and I have a belly to prove it, but I'm still not sure that it has completely registered that there is a baby growing inside me! I don't know if that makes much sense, but maybe when I (for sure) feel the baby move, maybe then it will really become even more real. :) During this ultrasound, we saw the baby kind of walk its little legs up the amniotic sac so that it was standing on its head!! It was so funny...quite the acrobat! Upon reviewing the pictures she snapped, the technician also noticed a picture where the baby put its foot in its mouth! I guess he/she is pretty flexible, too! We even saw the baby open its mouth really wide and flip all over the place. It was a really fun time! Here are some pictures of Babell...enjoy!

Here the baby is just lounging again! It's comfy in mommy's belly!

The baby has two normal bones in its arms (unlike its mommy...who most of you know has a fused ulna and radius).

Here is what the baby looks like if you look down from the shoulders. Those are it's little arms and hands sticking out!

Here the baby is looking right at the ultrasound probe! WOW!

We'll be 17 weeks along tomorrow, so here is the information about what happens in utero at 17 weeks:


Can you believe we'll be 4 months along on Friday? Time is really flying by!


ktill3 said...

I'm very happy to hear that everything turned out just fine. I was thinking about you yesterday. That's too funny about babell having it's legs crossed. HA!

rebekahallebach said...

Yay! God is good. Your baby is already such a precious miracle and HE's not even here yet!

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