A Fun Week

Despite having my second head cold in the past month, I have had a really great week! Our nursery bedding came in, and I just love it! Check out this website for pictures of it:


What do you think?? Ryan and I went nursery furniture shopping on Saturday but didn't have much luck. The nursery is fairly small, so I don't want to buy too much furniture and overcrowd the room. For all of you who are mothers, what furniture did you find the most essential? For example, are changing tables used that much, or did you find yourself changing the baby on the floor, couch, or a bed most of the time? Obviously we will be getting a crib, but I'm trying to decide between a chest of drawers OR a dresser w/ hutch. What do you think? Kelli, Ryan's sister, gave us her rocker, so we are good to go there (thanks again, Kel!). Again, I appreciate any advice you have! Also, one more question...is a convertible crib worth buying so that we'll have a full size bed for after we're done with the nursery, or should I just buy a regular crib? I'm trying to be practical but without having been a parent before, I'm not sure how well cribs hold up after the baby(s) are not needing cribs anymore. On the plus side, I got a FREE prenatal massage (10 minutes or so) at Baby USA in Castleton...it was DEVINE! I tried to talk Ryan into getting a massage, too, but no dice. :) I know, he's crazy! He has no idea what he is missing!

I noticed something kind of funny this week about people. Now that people know that I'm pregnant, when I go to talk to someone, the person always seems to look straight at my stomach first. It's hilarious! Then the person will look back at my face...then my stomach...then my face...and the conversation begins. It's like they have to size me up or something! :) One person will say to me, "What?!?! You're 15 weeks...how are you still in regular clothes??? You're so skinny!" I walk away feeling like a million bucks but also wondering, "Oh no, am I putting on enough weight for the baby?" Not 5 minutes later, someone else will say, "WOW! You're really popping out there!" So then I feel like a COW! It's pretty hysterical! I've just decided that everyone has an opinion...how much weight you should gain...how big or small they think you are...etc. I'm just going to enjoy every minute of it! I would guess that a lot of parenting is about sacrifices that you make for your children...sacrifices you are (usually) happy to make because you love them so much. My changing figure is just one of the first sacrifices that I am willing to make right now for this baby. People will say, "You know, breastfeeding will ruin your chest!" To be honest, I'm ok with that. Sure it'd be nice to stay 25 years old forever without my body growing old, but if my baby gets to have the best nutrients from the start, I really am more than happy to make that sacrifice. God didn't intend for us to have these bodies forever, and although it doesn't give us an excuse not to take care of them, it does help me cope with the changes that are happening. :)

Speaking of God, I have to say how thankful I am that Ryan and I found a church home. We were talking tonight on the way back from our friends (Abigail and Devin) Christmas program at their church. We were saying that the thing we were most thankful for this year was finding Emmanuel Church of Greenwood. We have both grown so much as people this year, and the best part is...the growing is only going to get better. I think it's so important for us to be a strong couple for this baby, with God at the center of our lives. It just helps me feel that much more prepared for when the baby arrives in Spring. To have the support and love from the people we've met at church makes Greenwood really feel like a community...a community to raise our family in for years to come.

Life is good!


rebekahallebach said...

I love the bedding you picked out! Definitely one of the cutest unisex I've seen!

Lindsay said...

awww the bedding is adorable!!! I love the little monkeys :) I'm so glad things are going well and that you are both so happy!! Love ya!

joel said...

If you are asking my opinion about the convertible crib, my personal experience is this...we bought a convertible crib and never used it for anything but the crib. So...that's what I think. I think it's a good idea in theory, but whether or not it's practical, I'm not sure. Love ya!

jatill said...

your bedding is so cute! we use/used our changing table a ton. it is a dresser that you can use the top as a changing table and later it will just be a dresser. we have the crib that converts to a toddler bed. bradyn used it as a toddler bed for about a yr. it does not convert to a full sized bed. we figured this crib may see action for awhile since we have larger spacing between our kids. take care!

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