First Leg Cramp and Shopping for Maternity Clothes!

So I got my first leg cramp yesterday morning before church! Ryan had already left to get his guitar and everything ready for the service, so I was home alone with the dogs. My alarm went off, and as I reached over to turn it off, my entire right calf completely cramped! Now I have had growing pains and Charlie Horses, but I have NEVER, EVER, EVER experienced this kind of cramp! My calf was completely solid...rock hard...and bulging out of my leg. I started yelling, "What do I do!?! What do I do!?!" because I had no idea how to make it go away. All I knew was that it hurt SOOOO badly. I started massaging my right foot because that helps when my legs ache, and it completely made the cramp go away. I just laid in bed, stunned by what had just happened. Let's just say that I'm going to work on increasing my potassium intake in order to prevent them in the future! My calf still aches a bit this morning, but I'll take that pain over a leg cramp any day.

After church, my friend Alyssa and I went shopping for maternity clothes. Alyssa is in my small group for church and is 11 weeks ahead of me (7 1/2 months along now), so it has been fun to share this experience with her. We decided to go to the Old Navy at Metropolis (Plainfield, IN)because they sell maternity clothes there. I bought a bunch of casual clothes...a new pair of sweat pants, a few long sleeved-tees, a couple tank tops, and a nicer shirt. Then I also got two (much needed) new bras and another sweater. Alyssa also found some great buys at New York and Company. We had lunch at Red Robin, which was delicious! I made the mistake of ordering a cheeseburger with onion straws on it and had acid reflux the rest of the day. It really did not stop! I guess I won't order anything with onions for awhile. :) All in all, I think we had a successful day of shopping, eating, and talking! It was a great way to spend the day. :)

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