18 weeks and new OBGYN!

Here is the link about the baby's development at 18 weeks since I didn't post it last Wednesday:


Yes, you read our last blog correctly. Ryan and I made a decision about who we want to work with throughout the rest of this pregnancy. I should preface this blog with saying that I am now on Ryan's insurance (Anthem). If I decide to work part time next year, it will be more cost-effective for the baby and me to be on his insurance plan than on mine. So, I called the Birth Center downtown to find out some information about the Nurse Midwives of Indianapolis (NWI). Here is the website in case you are ever interested:


They deliver at Methodist Hospital in addition to their birth center, which was appealing to us. However, when I spoke with them, I found out that NWI's facility is not contracted to work with Anthem, even though the midwives themselves are "in network". Because of that, we would have had to pay them $125 at our first appointment and an additional $2,200 by our 34 weeks appointment. This would ensure the NWI that they would get paid for their services. Then, Anthem would send us a check in the mail for whatever they deem "appropriate" for maternity care. In all actuality, they could send us LESS THAN the $2,200, meaning that Ryan and I would have had to pay out of pocket to work with the midwife group. PLUS, we would have to pay the hospital fees for delivering there. Does that all make sense? It took some time for me to understand it all myself. Fortunately, Ryan being employed at Athem makes our lives so much easier because he knows exactly who to call to find out these kinds of things. Plus, the NMI were very helpful in telling us how the financial piece works with them when you have Anthem insurance.

In sum, we decided that it was going to be just too much of a hassle (and possibly more money out of pocket) to work with the midwife group. By working with the doctor we chose, our insurance will take care of it's part, and we will handle the rest. Again, the situation is only confusing because we have Anthem insurance. If you are ever interested in working with the NMI and have a different insurance carrier, you won't have the same problem as we ran into with them. I had really been praying for God to help us figure out who we were supposed to work with throughout the rest of the pregnancy, and I do feel like He was helping lead us to the right person for us. Everyone has different personal needs, desires for their birth experience, etc., and I do feel really excited about our choice. Dr. Mary Soper has been practicing as an OBGYN for years and years and is really recognized as one of the better OBGYNs in Indianapolis. You can check out http://www.indymoms.com for some threads about her. She will deliver our baby at Methodist Hospital, which we are really excited about. She is also the OBGYN who backs up all of the midwives in Indianapolis, so Dr. Soper is very supportive when mothers want less medical interventions during their labor (e.g., inducing labor, episiotomies, epidurals, extracting the baby, C-sections, etc. ). Of course, there are times when those interventions are necessary, and Dr. Soper is qualified to perform any of them if they become medically necessary. I feel like I'm getting the best of both worlds!

I made my 20 week appointment with Dr. Soper for Wednesday, Jan. 2nd at 3:30 p.m. She is going on vacation for two weeks in January, so they squeezed us in this week (we will be 19 weeks that day). I am realy excited to hear the baby's heartbeat again, which is the best part of any prenatal appointment in my opinion. :) I really do feel like this is the exact person we are supposed to work with, and I'm really looking forward to meeting Dr. Soper on Wednesday. HOORAY!

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