15 Weeks!

So we hit the 15 week mark today! Here is an update about what is happening with the baby right now:

I have been feeling stomach rumblings for the past week or so and have honestly wondered if that was the baby, though I haven't been like, "Oh! The baby moved!" It's been more of a question than anything, so I was surprised to read this 15 week update and see that it was discussed. Who knows if that was what I was feeling or not! The fun thing is...the day is getting closer and closer when I will feel him/her.

We decorated the house for Christmas, and Ryan suggested that we put the tree in our front room. It was such a great idea! Check out how it turned out. I seriously love our Christmas tree! I just feel so happy when we turned the lights on and just let it shine in the front room.

Kya has been pretty curious about it this year, licking one of the Santa hats that has some fuzz on it. Too funny! Layla has knocked some ornaments off by wagging her tail...surprise! I love those dogs. Kya turned 3 on Dec. 3rd by the way! Don't tell her, but we completely forgot. Thank goodness dogs love you no matter what! How many people do you know who wouldn't mind if you forgot their birthday? Anyway, we are going to celebrate this weekend with some puppy ice cream, and I might even make a puppy cake with a recipe book a coworker got me.

Ok, so what you've all been waiting for...the 15 week preggo belly pictures! Enjoy!

Some people at work noticed today for the first time that my belly is popping out, so that was kind of fun. I got my first few belly rubs the past few days...other than Ryan of course. :)

Thanks for all of your fun comments after reading our blog! It has been a lot of fun reading them. Until next time...take care!


dntill said...

I love your Christmas tree. I don't think we saw it last year (even photos). The dogs look adorable in front of the tree. You look as beautiful as ever pregnant!! The people who rub your belly - do they ask, or just rub? I have read that for some reason when one is pregnant people feel free to touch their stomach with or without permission. I understand the urge though - it is all very amazing!

rebekahallebach said...

Your belly IS popping out! :-) You better get started on the nursery or Ryan will be doing it by himself. HA!

Thanks again for the fun blogs!

Erin said...

well not that I have located your blog I am mezmorized by your comments throughout this journey of pregnancy. I have to admit, I am one of those people that feels drawn to touching a preggo belly... they're just so cute! Beware next time I see you:)
Love you!!!!

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