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So I woke up one day last week and my belly was itching like crazy! I've heard that can happen as your skin stretches to accomodate a growing belly, but when I looked in the mirror, it looked like my belly grew overnight. Seriously! My pants were tighter that morning than the days before, and I've been having trouble buttoning them since. :) So, Ryan took me shopping on Saturday to get some new shirts/sweaters that can be worn as I get bigger but also as a way to hide the fact that I can't button my pants. We ventured into Motherhood Maternity for the first time and bought some Burt's Bees Bully Butter (crossing my fingers for no stretch marks!) and a tummy sleeve. I heard about tummy sleeves from a coworker who said they were a staple item during her pregnancy. They are lycra in material and look like a tube top. You can wear them over the top of your jeans and at the bottom on your belly. It helps to hide your unbuttoned pants...and eventually unbuttoned and unzipped pants! :) I guess it helps to bridge the gap between regular clothes and maternity clothes. Even when your maternity pants are a little bigger, you can still wear the tummy sleeve to hold those pants up, too. So, with after buying my new items, being almost 11 weeks into this pregnancy, and having a belly growing little by little, everything feels as though it's becoming more official!

I still feel really well, especially if I eat when I get hungry and don't put it off too long. If anything I'm just much more tired than usual. Taking a 2-3 hour nap each week day or 4 naps on weekends is pretty normal for me! Today at work, I felt especially tired. I wore my name tag up-side-down for a few hours today! Can you believe that? I also was testing a student this afternoon. He had about a minute and a half to complete an activity, and I thought to myself, "I'll just close my eyes for just a quick second...." I started to nod off just as the boy said, "DONE!" Oops! I just couldn't help myself. We had a busy weekend with the John Mellencamp concert (a work event for Ryan) Saturday night and the So You Think You Can Dance show Sunday night. I LOVE LOVE LOVE SYTYCD! It was a great show, and I just hope next season is as good as this past one so I can go again. :)

Here is a picture Ryan took of me last night after the show. Check out that belly!


Lindsay said...

wow you can really tell!! oooh how exciting!! and of course you look super cute as always, love your hat! :)

infarrantly creative said...

I think that is what my belly looks like now...hey no fair :-(

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