Hello Second Trimester!!!

On Wednesday we reached the 13 week mark...and our second trimester!!! It feels great to be at this stage, although I can't believe how quickly the first trimester went. It's wild to think that we are 1/3 through this pregnancy! Here is the information about what is happening to Babell at week 13:

Here are some pictures of my belly at 13 weeks, too:

In case you are wondering why I keep taking pictures in front of the dogs' cages, this is the room that is going to be the nursery. So, as the weeks go on, not only will you see my belly change, but you will also get to see the nursery change as we decorate. I'm hoping to get the carpets cleaned, walls painted, and furniture put together around Christmas time. I want to have energy to do it; plus, I know we'll start getting gifts here and there, and I want to make sure we have somewhere to put everything. Speaking of gifts, here is the first gift given by my dad and Danette:

You see, they drive a mini-cooper, and they love that car! It's really fun! So, while they were at the mini-coop dealership last week, they saw this little miniature mini-coop for our baby. Is it cute or what?? My cousin Michelle and her kids also bought the baby a little old-fashioned Winnie the Pooh...it is SO soft and really cute! This little baby has so many people to love him/her, and we are so thankful each one of them. Receiving gifts for the baby was really fun and again opened our eyes to the fact that he/she really is going to be here next Spring! :) We don't have baby toys in our house, so as we get them, it becomes more and more real. And you know what...I couldn't be happier! We're trying to make our Christmas Wish Lists, and I'm having a really hard time. Really, what more could I ask for?? I have the most incredible husband, two great puppies, a baby on the way, the best family and friends, a beautiful house, a relationship with God, a church that we love...and a really fun CR-V! I just couldn't ask for anything more, and Thanksgiving Day is the perfect time to really be thankful for all of those people/things. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

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Ryan and Amy said...

You are so great... I would like to know what you want for Christmas though!

I love you!


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