14 weeks!

So we hit the 14 week mark yesterday! Here is some information about the baby's development at 14 weeks:


Can you believe he/she is growing hair already? It just makes me that much more excited to meet the baby in May. We went to see a Christmas Carol last night with Abigail and Devin, two friends from Hanover. Ryan had free tickets through work since Anthem sponsors the show. :) We saw it last year, and I was happy to go a second year in a row! Of course, it brought tears to my eyes twice...it doesn't take too much to touch my heart these days. I don't feel like I'm on an emotional roller coaster or anything. I have just felt especially bothered knowing about all of the families who are in need...whether it be physical needs, spiritual needs, or emotional needs. It just hurts to know that many people need so much more than they have and that so many people have way more than they'll ever need. We do make regular donations at various places, but there is something about this time of year that really just makes me want to give so much more away! Wow, I really got off on a tangent. I guess there is just something about that Tiny Tim that pulls your heart strings in unimaginable way. Anyway, the show was great, and we had a great time with our friends! :)

I've been dreaming a lot about the baby lately! Usually, they are fun dreams like finding out the sex of the baby or delivering the baby without feeling any pain! It's pretty funny sometimes. Well, last night I had my first bad dream. I dreamt that Abigail (mentioned earlier) and I went to Cedar Point. By the time we were on the fourth roller coaster, I finally realized...OH CRAP! I'M PREGNANT!!! I started freaking out, and Abigail was trying to keep my spirits up, saying that the baby would be just fine. Well, fast forward and the baby and I are suddenly in the house. HOWEVER, the baby HATES me! It wouldn't let me touch it. The baby kept wincing and grimacing at me. I finally got a bottle in its mouth, but I hadn't tested to see if it was hot or not. YIKES! I totally burned the baby's mouth! He (it was a boy in my dream) starting WAILING and was absolutely hysterical. I tested the milk on my arm, and sure enough...it totally burnt my arm, too. I was a horrible mother, and my baby hated me. Let's hope he/she never feels that way!


iniquity27 said...

That's a pretty powerful dream. Those visuals are really hard to get rid of sometimes. You and I know for a fact it won't be like that.

infarrantly creative said...

Pregnancy dreams are the best. They are so vivid. I once dreamt I delivered Isaac and he had a full head of red, thick, curly hair. I was devastated (I did not want a redheaded boy). Another time I dreamt Tim was angry and left the delivery room and never came back and I became a single mom. Not fun. You should journal those. They are fun to look back on.

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