10 weeks!

We are officially 10 weeks, 1 day pregnant today. Here is a link to tell about the baby's development at 10 weeks:


That means we are 1/4 the way through this pregnancy. Can you believe it?? I have continued to feel really well...no nausea...just lots of extra sleeping. I usually take about a 2 hour nap after work, though it can definitely be longer. I feel bad missing out on all that time with Ryan, but my body kind of takes over, regardless how hard I try to stay awake. :)

I woke this morning with a really itchy belly, which was a first. I know that can happen when your skin is stretching, and I really do think my belly got bigger overnight! I'm getting more and more excited for our next appointment to hear the baby's heartbeat and find out about the early ultrasound. The growing size of my belly has definitely made everything feel more real. I think I'm going to go shopping this weekend to get a few things before I have to buy maternity clothes. I just need a few new shirts to help hide how tight my pants are getting at work. :)

I hope you all have a great weekend! Ryan and I are going to the John Mellencamp concert Saturday night for his work. Then, I have a girl's night at the So You Think You Can Dance tour Sunday night!!! I have been DYING to see that show. Yes, I realize that I will be surrounded by 12 year old girls. That's ok! I have no shame.

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