14 weeks!

So we hit the 14 week mark yesterday! Here is some information about the baby's development at 14 weeks:


Can you believe he/she is growing hair already? It just makes me that much more excited to meet the baby in May. We went to see a Christmas Carol last night with Abigail and Devin, two friends from Hanover. Ryan had free tickets through work since Anthem sponsors the show. :) We saw it last year, and I was happy to go a second year in a row! Of course, it brought tears to my eyes twice...it doesn't take too much to touch my heart these days. I don't feel like I'm on an emotional roller coaster or anything. I have just felt especially bothered knowing about all of the families who are in need...whether it be physical needs, spiritual needs, or emotional needs. It just hurts to know that many people need so much more than they have and that so many people have way more than they'll ever need. We do make regular donations at various places, but there is something about this time of year that really just makes me want to give so much more away! Wow, I really got off on a tangent. I guess there is just something about that Tiny Tim that pulls your heart strings in unimaginable way. Anyway, the show was great, and we had a great time with our friends! :)

I've been dreaming a lot about the baby lately! Usually, they are fun dreams like finding out the sex of the baby or delivering the baby without feeling any pain! It's pretty funny sometimes. Well, last night I had my first bad dream. I dreamt that Abigail (mentioned earlier) and I went to Cedar Point. By the time we were on the fourth roller coaster, I finally realized...OH CRAP! I'M PREGNANT!!! I started freaking out, and Abigail was trying to keep my spirits up, saying that the baby would be just fine. Well, fast forward and the baby and I are suddenly in the house. HOWEVER, the baby HATES me! It wouldn't let me touch it. The baby kept wincing and grimacing at me. I finally got a bottle in its mouth, but I hadn't tested to see if it was hot or not. YIKES! I totally burned the baby's mouth! He (it was a boy in my dream) starting WAILING and was absolutely hysterical. I tested the milk on my arm, and sure enough...it totally burnt my arm, too. I was a horrible mother, and my baby hated me. Let's hope he/she never feels that way!


Belly Laughs

So I finally decided to buy a new book to read...Jenny McCarthy's Belly Laughs. Now, just to warn the more conservative of readers, this book may not be for you. She pretty much tells the readers about her experience, and she doesn't censor herself at all. Jenny puts it ALL out there, which I have definitely found some appreciation for lately. It's funny, every time I pick up that book, I find myself thinking, "Oh my gosh, that is totally happening to me!" or "WOW-I didn't know that was happening because I'm pregnant!" Today, I was reading one about having a runny nose/sneezing all the time due to pregnancy. I thought it was just allergies or a never-ending cold! I definitely sneeze just about everyday, multiple times a day. The running nose hasn't been too bad, but it can get that way after sneezing of course. I guess it's due to the softening of my nasal membranes. Mmmm...I hope you aren't sitting down reading this with something yummy to eat. Sorry if you are! I have been getting these TERRIBLE, and I mean TERRIBLE, bloody noses. They will come on without warning sometimes...like the day I was observing a girl in her 3rd grade classroom. I had to leave in a hurry to get it under control. One of my principals saw me walking down the hall with a Kleenex to my nose, so he immediately rushed me to the nurse's office. I assured him that it was just a bloody nose...nothing to worry about...but he said in my current "state" (aka: being pregnant), I needed to see the nurse. Thank goodness she wasn't there!!! :) I got a really bad one last night that lasted like 15 minutes. I was going bananas! Oh well, I'll take a bloody nose over a stomach ache any day of the week.

Oh...I finally bought some new prenatal vitamins on Friday. By the way, vitamin stores REALLY SMELL BAD when you are pregnant since your sense of smell is multiplied by like 100. WHOA! It about knocked me down! Anyway, the pill bottle was made of white plastic, so I had to take a chance on the size of those monsters. As soon as I got in the car, I opened the bottle and low and behold, those suckers were bigger than the last ones...which I didn't think was possible! At least they don't smell/taste as bad. They are supposed to be of the "gentle stomach" variety, and so far I haven't had any trouble. I think that's all for now! My friend Michi sent us this cute little horse stuffed animal with a note saying that it was a horse from the real southwest. It's so great! Two of my cousins' wives gave me three tubs of maternity clothes! Can you believe that? They are so great!!! Im telling you, we really do have the best family and friends!


Hello Second Trimester!!!

On Wednesday we reached the 13 week mark...and our second trimester!!! It feels great to be at this stage, although I can't believe how quickly the first trimester went. It's wild to think that we are 1/3 through this pregnancy! Here is the information about what is happening to Babell at week 13:

Here are some pictures of my belly at 13 weeks, too:

In case you are wondering why I keep taking pictures in front of the dogs' cages, this is the room that is going to be the nursery. So, as the weeks go on, not only will you see my belly change, but you will also get to see the nursery change as we decorate. I'm hoping to get the carpets cleaned, walls painted, and furniture put together around Christmas time. I want to have energy to do it; plus, I know we'll start getting gifts here and there, and I want to make sure we have somewhere to put everything. Speaking of gifts, here is the first gift given by my dad and Danette:

You see, they drive a mini-cooper, and they love that car! It's really fun! So, while they were at the mini-coop dealership last week, they saw this little miniature mini-coop for our baby. Is it cute or what?? My cousin Michelle and her kids also bought the baby a little old-fashioned Winnie the Pooh...it is SO soft and really cute! This little baby has so many people to love him/her, and we are so thankful each one of them. Receiving gifts for the baby was really fun and again opened our eyes to the fact that he/she really is going to be here next Spring! :) We don't have baby toys in our house, so as we get them, it becomes more and more real. And you know what...I couldn't be happier! We're trying to make our Christmas Wish Lists, and I'm having a really hard time. Really, what more could I ask for?? I have the most incredible husband, two great puppies, a baby on the way, the best family and friends, a beautiful house, a relationship with God, a church that we love...and a really fun CR-V! I just couldn't ask for anything more, and Thanksgiving Day is the perfect time to really be thankful for all of those people/things. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!


First Ultrasound!!!

Hi everyone! Sorry I couldn't post anything last night after our ultrasound. Ryan sister, Kelli, Abigail, and I went to Bloomington to see Rent...Off Broadway! It was incredible! I can't imagine having a job like that. Those people are just so talented. I may need to buy the soundtrack! We also hit the 12 week mark today! Here is the link with information:

So the ultrasound went great yesterday! I talked to the ultrasound technician a few hours before the appointment to see if they would be able to give us pictures of the baby or to find out if we needed to purchase a VHS tape or DVD to burn a copy of the video. She said that they would take pictures, so I've posted some below. The lady also told me that I only had to drink 24 oz. of water before the ultrasound instead of 36 oz. I really cannot imagine having to drink that much because after 24 oz, I was so water logged! By the time she was finished with the ultrasound, I had to pee like I've never had to pee before...seriously!

I'm telling you...I was just in awe seeing the little baby. I think I must have said "Wow!" or "That's incredible" about 100 times. I went into the appointment thinking that we would see a little blob, but I'm telling you...we could see the baby so clearly. The pictures we've posted are a bit clearer in person, but you will get the general idea. She took a million pictures and measurements of the baby and said everything looked really good so far. The baby is measuring 12 weeks, 6 days old, and they have an error period of seven days. This means that our date of conception and our due date are probably spot on! It was just so incredible seeing the one baby...that I can't imagine what I would have done if we would have seen two of them. That's right...we're having just one baby, and that is fine by me!!! I am super excited...can you tell?? I went into the appointment thinking that we would see a little blob, but I'm telling you...we could see the baby so clearly. The pictures we've posted are a bit clearer in person, but you will get the general idea.

I also announced that we were expecting at work today to all of the teachers at one of my buildings. They are so excited and supportive, which really means a lot because as a school psychologist, you are kind of an "outsider". They've really taken me in with open arms, which means so much. My tummy continues to grow, and I will post some pictures as soon as we take some new ones. Ryan's sister, Kelli, and I traded pants because she's lost weight (I'm not sure how because she was a skinny thing before! :) ), and my stomach is popping out more and more. She said mine fit her perfectly (HOORAY!) and hers fit me wonderfully (DOUBLE HOORAY!). So I really lucked out! I can put off maternity clothes for a bit longer still. I'm trying to make it to December 1st...we'll see if that happens. Danette, my step-mom, bought me some maternity clothes right after we announced that we were pregnant, and they're really fun! This past weekend, Ryan's parents got me a pair of courdoroy maternity pants and a shirt, both of which are great, too! It has been so fun sharing our excitement with everyone. Thank you for all of the love and support you give us each and every day. :)

This one looks like the baby is frowning!

Now the baby looks like it's smiling and waving at us (that's a little hand above it's body)

Babell's just lounging! check out that pot belly and that little skinny leg (he/she takes after her father...tee hee...just kidding)

Baby got sleepy and tired of us disturbing him/her, so Babell turned on it's side and stuck out his/her rear (again, taking after Ryan)! :)


Blood types

So we found out today that Ryan is A+...and as I wrote yesterday, I am B-. Of course we would have to be opposite! :) So, I guess I don't have to get the Rhogam now. Instead I will get it at 28 weeks and after the baby is born if he/she is positive. Our baby will have A or B or AB or O, positive or negative blood...pretty much it's a wide open field for the little one! Something I didn't know until yesterday is that two positives can equal a positive or negative; however, two negatives will always equal a negative. :) Have a great weekend! I'm going to go cuddle with my hubby and puppies.


A scary day with a happy ending!

So I really want to preface this blog with saying that everything is ok! I am fine. The baby is fine. Ryan is fine. :) With that said, I woke up this morning about 3 a.m. to do my nightly routine of going to the bathroom. This is completely new for me, but I fall back to sleep right away...so no big deal. Anyway, I noticed that I was spotting and started getting worried. Now I know that spotting can be completely normal, especially during the first trimester; regardless, I was still worried! I did some reading online that said miscarriages are usually accompanied by spotting along with cramping, which I did not have. I felt hopeful about that, but still I wanted to be sure. We called our midwife this morning and made an appointment for 11:30 a.m. She told us that after hearing the heartbeat, a miscarriage would be pretty rare...that is happens...but rarely. It was taking a few minutes to find the baby's heartbeat, and I was beginning to think we wouldn't hear it. If so, the next step was to get an ultrasound done. Then...SHE FOUND IT!!! It was so fast "woop woop, woop woop, woop woop!" I think my heart must have stopped. Both Ryan and I smiled so big and our eyes were huge. The heartbeat was 170 beats per minute (120-180 is considered normal), which everyone will tell us now that we are having a girl. An old wives tale says that anything below 140 is a boy, and anything over 140 is a girl, but remember friends, they don't call them wives tales for nothing! :) So, Babell is going on strong, and we are that much more excited to meet him/her in May.

We went ahead and ordered that ultrasound today anyway, again to rule out twins. Plus, I would LOVE to see the baby and hear its heartbeat, especially after our little scare. It is scheduled for next Tuesday at 3:30 p.m., so be ready for another blog that day. We will try to scan in the ultrasound pictures to post, as well!

Last night Ryan and I were trying to guess how much weight I had gained. He thought 4 pounds, and I thought 2...maybe 3 pounds. Well, I weighed in today with only three-fourths of a pound gain!!! As soon as our midwife announced that, Ryan was like, "I'm in trouble!" Haha!! It was funny. With the way my belly is sticking out, I would have guessed more, too. Our midwife thinks that my placenta is in the front of my body, so maybe that has something to do with it??? Who knows. I'm just glad to know that things are ok!

We found out that my blood type is B negative. Here is a pretty cool website to help see what your blood type can be if your parents' blood type are Y or Z.


For example, my parents' blood types are AB+ and O+, so I can be A or B, + or - . Neat, huh? Well, since I'm negative, we have to see if Ryan is + or negative. If he is positive, I will have to get shots of Rhogam now, at 28 weeks, and after the baby is born. Ryan got his blood type tested today, so we should know soon what we need to do. For more information, you can check out this website:


This weekend I'm heading down to Madison to see some of my best friends from Hanover. I can't wait! I wasn't feeling my best on Tuesday or Wednesday (sore throat, sneezing, etc.), but I'm doing pretty well now. I am looking forward to a weekend of relaxation, time with friends, time at home, extra sleep, and a great church service on Sunday. Until next time!


11 weeks!

We hit the 11 week mark today...HOORAY! Here is the link with information about the baby's development at 11 weeks:


It's just so exciting to have reached this point. Our appointment is less than a week away, and I cannot wait to hear this little baby's heartbeating. I also am excited to get this ultrasound scheduled so we can find out for sure whether we are having one or two babies!

I started to get a sore throat last night and woke up in the middle of the night feeling pretty bad. I just was aching all over, and my throat was so sore. :( Fortunately, I had a lot of paperwork to catch up on at work, so I mainly hid in my office scheduling conferences, finishing reports, etc. By 2:00 p.m., I couldn't hold out any longer. I had to get home! The second I laid down on the couch I fell asleep for a couple hours. I had to work on the church bulletin when I woke up, which I just finished. As soon as Ryan gets back from running some errands, we're going to make some soup for dinner, watch some movies (I've been dying to see The Lion King), and go back to sleep. Let's hope I wake up tomorrow feeling a lot better!


New purchases

So I woke up one day last week and my belly was itching like crazy! I've heard that can happen as your skin stretches to accomodate a growing belly, but when I looked in the mirror, it looked like my belly grew overnight. Seriously! My pants were tighter that morning than the days before, and I've been having trouble buttoning them since. :) So, Ryan took me shopping on Saturday to get some new shirts/sweaters that can be worn as I get bigger but also as a way to hide the fact that I can't button my pants. We ventured into Motherhood Maternity for the first time and bought some Burt's Bees Bully Butter (crossing my fingers for no stretch marks!) and a tummy sleeve. I heard about tummy sleeves from a coworker who said they were a staple item during her pregnancy. They are lycra in material and look like a tube top. You can wear them over the top of your jeans and at the bottom on your belly. It helps to hide your unbuttoned pants...and eventually unbuttoned and unzipped pants! :) I guess it helps to bridge the gap between regular clothes and maternity clothes. Even when your maternity pants are a little bigger, you can still wear the tummy sleeve to hold those pants up, too. So, with after buying my new items, being almost 11 weeks into this pregnancy, and having a belly growing little by little, everything feels as though it's becoming more official!

I still feel really well, especially if I eat when I get hungry and don't put it off too long. If anything I'm just much more tired than usual. Taking a 2-3 hour nap each week day or 4 naps on weekends is pretty normal for me! Today at work, I felt especially tired. I wore my name tag up-side-down for a few hours today! Can you believe that? I also was testing a student this afternoon. He had about a minute and a half to complete an activity, and I thought to myself, "I'll just close my eyes for just a quick second...." I started to nod off just as the boy said, "DONE!" Oops! I just couldn't help myself. We had a busy weekend with the John Mellencamp concert (a work event for Ryan) Saturday night and the So You Think You Can Dance show Sunday night. I LOVE LOVE LOVE SYTYCD! It was a great show, and I just hope next season is as good as this past one so I can go again. :)

Here is a picture Ryan took of me last night after the show. Check out that belly!


10 weeks!

We are officially 10 weeks, 1 day pregnant today. Here is a link to tell about the baby's development at 10 weeks:


That means we are 1/4 the way through this pregnancy. Can you believe it?? I have continued to feel really well...no nausea...just lots of extra sleeping. I usually take about a 2 hour nap after work, though it can definitely be longer. I feel bad missing out on all that time with Ryan, but my body kind of takes over, regardless how hard I try to stay awake. :)

I woke this morning with a really itchy belly, which was a first. I know that can happen when your skin is stretching, and I really do think my belly got bigger overnight! I'm getting more and more excited for our next appointment to hear the baby's heartbeat and find out about the early ultrasound. The growing size of my belly has definitely made everything feel more real. I think I'm going to go shopping this weekend to get a few things before I have to buy maternity clothes. I just need a few new shirts to help hide how tight my pants are getting at work. :)

I hope you all have a great weekend! Ryan and I are going to the John Mellencamp concert Saturday night for his work. Then, I have a girl's night at the So You Think You Can Dance tour Sunday night!!! I have been DYING to see that show. Yes, I realize that I will be surrounded by 12 year old girls. That's ok! I have no shame.
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