Tasted breakfast twice today!

That's right...brushing my teeth finally got the best of me! I think I wrote about that dreaded morning ritual on an earlier blog, but in case you forgot, I absolutely HATE brushing my teeth these days. Don't get me wrong...a clean feeling in your mouth is wonderful. HOWEVER, being pregnant has given me a gag reflex that I couldn't have imagined. I do ok with brushing the top teeth, the bottom teeth, and even those way back in the back. It's brushing my tongue that gives me the creeps everyday. Now I have been advised to skip that part of the routine, but sometimes I think that is almost the most important part. I usually can fight the urge to yak, but this morning was a different story.

I had already eaten my maple and brown sugar frosted mini wheats (good source of fiber-wink wink) and began the dreaded deed. I brushed the top, the bottom, and the back ones. Then, it was time for the tongue. I gave it the quick brush (not the usual deep, pre-pregnancy scrub), and I felt it. My stomach lurched, I got the horrible ball in my throat, and my mouth started watering. Now I've dragged this out enough because you all know what happened next. I put up a good fight...I really did! But finally I just decided that it would be better to just get sick then deal with the pain in my stomach. I got sick and felt MUCH BETTER afterward. Now you know why this blog is titled "Tasted breakfast twice today."

I know that was a lot, and some of you may be appalled by my writing such details. I promised to write about REAL experiences during this pregnancy. People tell you about feeling sick, and you often hear the term "morning sickness". However, no one tells you that brushing your teeth is something you will dread everyday. Once you tell someone who has been pregnant or is pregnant about hating brushing your teeth, they will chime in with you and exclaim how horrible it is. They just don't write about it in books. So, consider yourself as having the "inside scoop." Aren't you lucky? :)

I'm off to watch The Bachelor from last week online. Ryan is at band practice for church, the dogs are settling in for a nap, and I've already had one tonight, so I'm ready to go!


jatill said...


Thanks so much for sharing your exciting news with us! We are so happy for you! Hope breakfast stays put for awhile!


dntill said...

Wow - sounds like a yucky morning. Share away - I appreciate being a part of the entire journey, good parts and not so fun parts. I am still amazed that little Babell, just 1 inch big, can make your tummy look like it does, change your taste in food, change everything!! This is such a fun journey to share with you. Is Ryan getting excited about the upcoming run this weekend? Love you both! Danette

infarrantly creative said...

Now you are officially pregnant :-D The barfing seals the deal!

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