Some pictures

I finally got around to taking some pictures! First of all, I was walking by our dining room table when I noticed 2 cards that I got in the mail. One is a Halloween card from a grad school friend, and the other is a congratulations card from my friend Michi. Check out how funny they look together!!! We didn't do that on purpose by any means...it just ended up that way. TOO FUNNY!

Ryan also took a few pictures of me after church to show off "the belly". We'll consider these our 2 months pregnant shots. I wish I would have taken a "pre-pregnancy" picture so we could see the difference better. I think you can definitely tell, though!I'm standing in the puppy's room because eventually it will be the nursery (unless we are having twins). We'll take pictures in here so you can see not only my belly but also the nursery evolve over time. Hope you enjoy the pictures. They are the first of many to come!


dntill said...

We love the pictures - you definitely look pregnant and wonderful!!

ktill3 said...

Look at your little belly!!!!!!!

michi.yamano said...

Beautiful mama!

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