First Prenatal Appointment and 8 weeks along!

We are 8 weeks, 2 days pregnant now! Here is a link with information about the baby's development. I think we can call it a fetus rather than an embryo now, too!


Our first prenatal appointment went really well! I was pretty nervous on the way there...mostly about whether or not we would like Betsy (our midwife) and about the exam itself. Plus, it was odd to imagine Ryan in the room with me for that type of exam when he's never been present in one before. I'll say right off the bat, he did a great job! If he was nervous or uncomfortable, he didn't show it a bit. First, I had to test my urine for protein, glucose, and ketones. Betsy told me to only test the latter when I'm not feeling very well. Since I hadn't felt well the previous 4 days, we went ahead and checked. My proteins and glucose were normal, but my ketones were 1 level higher than "normal". Since I hadn't been eating very well, Betsy wasn't surprised by the result. It's nothing to worry about...I just need to eat well whenever I can. She was encouraging me to eat more protein as often as possible to help keep my blood sugar at an even level. I'm going to have to do some research b/c the thought of eating chicken, red meat, or any meat for that matter just makes me sick. I thought I'd dive into some good lunch meat during this pregnancy, but I read that it contains a bacteria that can be harmful to a fetus. Although many people go ahead and eat it anyway, the thought of little microscopic bugs on my lunch meat makes my stomach turn, too! It's amazing how strong my gag reflex has gotten. Thoughts of certain foods, brushing my teeth, etc. can all make me gag really bad. I was NEVER like that before! :)

Next, we went through our family history for various diseases, birth defects, and twin history. Of course, everyone's family has some instances of disease. Then, you have my mom's side of the family with our birth defects. You all probably know about my arm, and then my brother, my nana, and my great uncle all had spine issues. So, when we have the ultrasound conducted, the tech will be paying really close attention to the back and arms. Interesting, huh? We talked about the twin history on both sides of our family. Betsy said she might be ordering an early ultrasound for us to determine whether or not we are carrying twins. If we don't find the baby's heartbeat at our 12 week appointment (November 13th at 3:30), then she said that will also be a good sign of twins. Because they are a little smaller in size at that point, their hearts can be more difficult to hear. She would definitely order an early ultrasound if we don't hear anything at the 12 week appointment.

After going through our family history, she went ahead and did a full exam...blood pressure, heart, lungs, breasts, and then pelvic exam. Everything checked out great! Betsy said that my uterus was about 8-10 weeks in size. She also told me that given my pelvic structure, I shouldn't have any difficulty (any more than usual I guess!) giving birth to a baby. So that's good to hear! It will only give me that much more confidence come May.

So, the last part of the appointment consisted of trying to find the baby's heartbeat. Betsy found mine right away and tried and tried to find Babell's. Unfortunately, we weren't able to hear it at that time. I had pretty low expectations that we would since it was still so early, so I didn't feel that disappointed. It would have been an added bonus, though! We'll just try again at 12 weeks.

In sum, I walked away from the appointment feeling really good about working with Betsy. I felt comfortable with everything we went through during our first appointment, and it made everything that much more real. I can't wait until November 13th for our next appointment!

I have felt really well ever since Tuesday morning. It has been SO nice to not have a stomach ache!!! I still feel a little weaker than normal, which is likely a result of not eating enough. It's just hard because so few foods sound ok to eat. I've had some Chinese food and a chicken patty sandwich along with my usual fruit, macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese, and crackers, so that's good! I really need to go to the grocery to get some more fresh fruits and veggies. Hopefully Ryan and I can make a trip over there tonight...yes, on a Friday night. We really live on the edge these days! The last two days I had more of those sensations of my round ligament stretching. I think I explained it already, but if not, that is the ligament that attaches a female's uterus to her pelvis. Throughout your pregnancy, that ligament does grow; instead, it just stretches. So, I feel this vertical stretching on both sides of my abdomen pretty often. It's a great reminder that the baby is growing everyday!!

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