Chicago - Here We Come!

Well, Ryan and I leave for Chicago in about an hour. I am well-rested, as I went to sleep last night around 6:30 p.m., woke up briefly for a snack and trip to the bathroom, and then went back to sleep until 7 a.m. Now that's what I call a good night's sleep!!! I didn't go to sleep so early last night because I felt tired. I had just felt a little nauseous for the past 4 days and wanted to get away from my stomach ache for a bit. I am finding that I really have to keep something on my stomach all the time, which is really hard to do at work. I'm going to have to plan in advance for lots of different snacks. Finding healthy snacks is not the easiest thing to pack for work, so I just need to plan it out. I feel great this morning, and I hope I continue to feel this way the rest of the weekend for Ryan's big race.

That's right -- It's time for the Chicago Marathon this weekend! Ryan has been running since March and really began training in May (I think) for this race. I can't wait to see him cross the finish line of that 26.2 mile race!!! What an accomplishment! People kept asking me if I was training with him, but we didn't do that because we were trying to start a family. I would love to run with him in the future, though! It's hard to imagine gaining 25-40 pounds in this pregnancy, which I guess is average, since I've always been a little on the smaller side. Now, I have gained about 10 pounds since he and I got married, but it was weight that needed to be put on in order to be an average weight for my height. :)

Anyway, back to the race -- We are staying with our friends, Jo and Pete Scott from Hanover. They are the ones I stayed with during my trip to Washington, D.C. They just moved to Chicago earlier this week and are kind enough to let us stay with them even thought they're probably not even settled in yet. We have great friends!! It will be fun to be in the city again, traveling around on the train. I love it! We will write again to let you know how the race goes. Thank you for all your emails, cards, thoughts, prayers, etc. since we shared our good news with you! We are so blessed!

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