7 weeks!

Well, we hit the 7 week mark yesterday! Here is a link to read about Babell's development.


After having a week filled with stomach aches, I have felt great since Saturday! As much as I didn't really enjoy feeling nauseous all day (especially at work when it just makes you wish you were laying on your couch), it was also nice to know that it is a good sign that things are developing normally. I really do have to eat about every hour or two in order to prevent stomach aches. I really try to do my best with that but worry that I'm not always having the best snacks. I think now that our lives are slowing down a little bit, I can better plan for my meals at work. Right now I'm snacking on a banana, and boy does it taste good!

Next Tuesday we have another appointment with our midwife. It will be our first REAL prenatal appointment filled with examinations, needles, and peeing in cups! HOORAY! I'm excited to see how things are progressing. We will have the opportunity to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time, though I know this can take up to 12 weeks at times. I know I'll feel a little sad not to hear it, but I'm just not going to let it worry me if we don't. There is no sense in worrying, and I'm really trusting my body right now because I can feel the changes happening. God is good!!

We will write more soon about Ryan's Marathon and post some pictures, too. Look for an upcoming blog soon! Also, feel free to leave messages, even if they are funny, goofy, whatever. We would love to hear from you!

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dntill said...

Can you believe something the size of a grape is causing such changes in your body! Absolutely amazing!! I told Tom that Babell is the size of a grape and he asked, "Big grape or little grape?" : ) I thinking maybe two grapes! Love you! (P.S. Luca, Murphy and Agatha can relate too because they love grapes, but aren't allowed to have them. Murphy has a suggestion for what to name Babell: "Murphy". If it is twins, "MURPHY" and "murphy"; the one who gets the capital letters should be the stronger of the two - perhaps the one that bites first. By the way, Murphy wants to know if Babell will be expecting a Christmas letter this year?

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