Things I learned today...

Well, I learned a couple things today. First of all, don't skip breakfast! I know, I know...that should have been an obvious one. Skipping meals is a 'no go' when you are pregnant. It's such a bad habit, and I'm learning as I go, right? Well, I got ready and went to church this morning at 9 a.m. After church I got a couple things done around the house, and then Ryan came home. I was feeling a little faint and blah...so he made me some pancakes (something with very little flavor sounded good). I felt MUCH MUCH better after eating and having some orange juice. I took about a 2 1/2 hour nap and woke up feeling great!

Ryan and I went to the Colt's game today for his work. You know those seats that are at the VERY TOP level...yeah...that's where we were today! I didn't mind the seats at all...it was walking 30 rows to the top after climbing a bunch of stairs already. We got to the top, and there I was...well, feeling a little whoosy again! :) I know I should've had a snack before we left and probably some more water. Again, I'm learning...fast! Ryan hooked me up with a hot dog and a tall bottle of water. I felt much better after that!

So, big lessons learned:

1. Don't skip breakfast
2. Eats lots of snacks
3. Drink even more water that I'm already drinking (which I've already increased by a ton)

I have to say, Ryan is the best husband. He is taking really good care of me without being the least bit overbearing...just very helpful! I love that guy! Babell (short for Baby Abell) is one lucky kid to have a dad like Ryan. We (the baby and I) are so blessed!

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joelandkelli said...

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited to watch you guys experience this pregnancy and this baby (and I'm glad it's not me...)!!! I am so happy for you both and I love you guys so much!

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